so the beautiful val and i decided that we would join the rest of the planet (well, those doing it) and move meat-free thursdays to meat-free mondays and would like to invite you to do the same…

why you ask? well a bunch of reasons – one is being aware of the impact that meat-eating has to the planet and that if everyone just took one day off eating it, the positive impact it would have is incredible

how does not eating meat help the planet you ask (and i’m glad you did, thank you) – well here is one way:

“250l of water is needed to produce 1kg of wheat compared to the 25 000l of water which is required to produce 1kg meat.

By committing to Meat Free Mondays, each individual could save about 3360l of water per week!

Government policy is to supply 6000 households with free water per month. If we were to save just 15% of the total water used to convert animals into meat at the abattoir, then 104000 households could be provided with all their water needs for one year (Compassion in World Farming)”

[from the Meat Free Monday newsletter]

so how about it? head to and make your pledge or just simply make the changes to your weekly diet