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Pearls before Jump

it has been a little while and Pearls before Swine is no stranger to puns both great and bad, but this one made me smile:



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Another day, another Pearls before Swine comic strip and Stephan Pastis really dips his toe over the edge with this one [which i love] and breaks ye olde 4th wall [which i live] by parodying himself and the real life censors and it’s quite amazing given some of the stuff they haven’t allowed through that this one made it…


But it’s great… and for more Pearls Before Swine greatness, simply follow the bread crumbs that begin over here…


Pearls before Oz

I would say this is one of Stephan Pastis’s better ones of these, especially the punchline…

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So looks like Stephan Pastis, creator of the most excellent cartoon strip, ‘Pearls Before Swine’ is slowly coming around to my idea and persuasion about including a  yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin character called ‘No_bob’ into his cartoon strip. Baby steps, Stephan, baby steps. Today a fish, tomorrow the dolphin.


Pearls Before Swine


My biggest fear is not so much that Stephan Pastis won’t ever put No_bob into the cartoon strip – I have full confidence we’ll wear him down eventually – but that when he finally relents, he will be like most of you and spell it with a hyphen and a big ‘B’ – his name is not no-Bob.

If you would like to join in the positive peer pressure to see this happen in a future strip, simply email Stephan at pearlscomic@gmail.com and tell him you love his cartoon strip and would dig it even more if he included a not real yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called No_bob [who was going to be called ‘Bob’ but he doesn’t bob] and if he wants to learn how to draw him properly to contact brett fish at brettfish@hotmail.com

Join the Revolution!

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i have seen these ‘Coffee with Jesus’ comic strips around every now and then and have generally found them to be thort-provoking and profound and more recently my friend Robert has been sharing some that i have really liked and so i intend to stick a few on here from time to time… hopefully they will provoke more thort and even some action as they provide a bit of a mirror for those of us who claim to follow Jesus…


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