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Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.

tbV and i have been home [back to South Africa after a three year journey in Americaland starting in Philadelphia and ending up in Oakland, outside San Francisco] for just over a week now.

after a really frustrating trip involving two and  half hours of fighting to try and get me on to the plane i had a ticket for, having to leave a box of paintings behind in SF, having the airline leave a bag of ours behind in Washington, losing movie capability for the last 8 hour flight after the refuel in Dakar…

and after a fairly frustrating week of disconnection in terms of trying to get phones and internet unlocked and set up and working [which we still largely haven’t, besides my dad’s old doesn’t-even-have-predictive-text-capacity Nokia which we have managed to get some air time on]…

we had the most excellent 5 year anniversary celebration at a place called Monkey Valley, which looks something like this:

but even more specifically, something like this [containing my very special someone]:


while there was both good and bad [and fun and difficult and crazy and amazing and ridiculous] about our time in Americaland, one interesting thing that stood out to me in both Philly and Oakland was the lack of stars… now i’m sure Americaland has stars [and i DEFINITELY got to see them in boatloadsfull on the houseboat trip i got to do on Lake Shasta] but i remember every time i came back to South Africa [which was twice during our stay] it was the biggest thing that stood out to me [besides the edible and tasty mayo, of course] – the fact that i could see a whole lot more stars than when i was over there.

i imagine it had something specific to do with the two places in Americaland we ended up staying, but it was one of the things that i remembered missing a lot when we were over there. and so it is so good to be back – and this weekend was ridiculous because we were high up on a hill and had a huge window next to our bed and so could lie in bed and see an amazing array of stars.

i have my own star constellation called ‘The Horse’ [because it looks like a horse, duh!] which a few of us discovered about 15 years ago on a youth camp [beyond ‘The Horse’ i seriously know Orion, the Southern Cross and on a good day can maybe point out the Big Dipper so not big on the constellations] and as we arrived back from our meal Friday night to the house we were staying in, i looked up and immediately saw it, and even better, the beautiful Val [tbV] looked up and spotted it straight away too.

just so good to be back. still not connected or plugged in or properly transported. and those things might take a while to get right. and missing a lot of people from Americaland for sure. but the stars are back. and so everything seems just a little bit more alright.

It’s true,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine.

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And all the things that you do.


Earlier today i was sitting working in Starbucks while Chris Martin sang gentle somewhat melancholic tunes to me.

SUDDENLY, like in a movie [one that was maybe titled ‘Everyone in Starbucks rushes pointingly at the window’] everyone in the store suddenly started rushing to the window behind me, pointing and looking very much like they had just witnessed someone steal a laptop computer from an unassuming customer outside before jumping through the window of a car that came screaming up and drove wildly off into the distance.

What had happened to cause such a ruckus, you might ask? [especially if you were the kind of person who uses words like ‘ruckus’ in ordinary everyday sentences].

Well, outside the Starbucks store, and clearly visible through the window behind me, a man had just had his laptop grabbed by a young guy who then jumped through the window of a car that came screaming up and drove wildly off into the distance. 

Talk about action. No, that was an observation, not a command. Stop actually discussing the concept of ‘action’ and pay attention here…



What made it a little worse for the guy in question was that a short while later i overheard him speaking on his phone in Starbucks and he was telling the person on the other end of the phone, [and me, i guess, but with far less intentionality], that this was the second time it had happened to him. The second time he had lost a laptop.

This was starting to sound like my life for a second [For the record, i think i am on three – two stolen and one blown over the side of a mountain by a gust of wind – true story!]

i was super bummed for the guy and spent a bunch of time trying to figure out if there was anything i could do for him. “Um, sorry you lost your laptop computer, but can i buy you a Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cookie?” didn’t seem like the most helpful of things to say, and “Hey, can i buy you a new laptop?” didn’t feel like anything i wanted to try and explain to tbV later that evening.


The one thing i had heard him say [this is not a blog post about the importance of not eavesdropping on people in coffee shops just in case you thought that was the twist cautiously making its way to you] was something about needing to go somewhere to pick up a different computer so he could finish the work he needed to do.

On this particular day i happened to have the black tinted window gangster BMW we have been kindly lent for the last few months and so eventually i approached him and pretended to grab his bag. No, i didn’t. That would have been horrible. Stoppit! But i asked him if he had a vehicle and explained that i had one and if he needed to get somewhere i could give him a ride.

He seemed genuinely moved and appreciative, but he turned down the ride with some or other reason i didn’t listen to [i felt like i’d eavesdropped enough by that point] and i went on my way. And as he left the Starbucks a little later, he turned to me and gave me one of those we-both-get-the-same-thing subtle head nods and i smiled at him because i had no idea why he was subtly head nodding and figured i needed to pretend i did or else he might come back in and try to explain it to me.


So a story about me not giving a stranger a lift. How useful is that?

Well, i am hoping there is a bit of a point.

This past weekend the whole #YesAllWomen hashtag and ensuing stories and blog posts and articles really affected me quite deeply. i resonated so deeply with the message that was being both passionately shared and enthusiastically pushed back against. But i didn’t really have any idea what to do to make any of it any less painful.

So i wrote this blog post. And it didn’t feel like much at all, and probably wasn’t. But it was something. Like the little kid in the story of Jesus feeding the crowd who gave up his lunch [which let’s face it was completely ridiculously underwhelming in the face of the immense need] i gave what i had and hoped against hope that it would be used to accomplish far more than it ever had the capacity to achieve in and of itself. All i really had to offer was awareness and i am looking at what feels like the next step which is asking the right questions [anyone know what ‘The Right Questions’ are? or one right question? even one ‘Heading towards rightish’ question might be a good start?]


On another day, the laptopless guy might have really appreciated a lift somewhere. i hope that i will be the one asking when that happens.

i am trying to cultivate a mindset of being more open to invite the interruption that happens around me. You see, i had a bunch of work i was in the middle of doing, so giving this guy a lift would certainly not have been convenient. It probably would not have been comfortable [cos he probably would have wanted to speak to me or something… urgh… and then expected me to maybe speak back.] But it would have been great.

If he had needed a lift, i imagine he would have felt loved. Actually i imagine he felt that anyways [that subtle head nod had to mean SOMEthing?]

And that is a great start. It is not a great finish. There is more we can do. There are more significant ways for us to get involved, but we have to do what we can and hope that something more impressive reveals itself as we do so.

That is all. Except i’m not that convinced that i would ever go and watch a movie called  ‘Everyone in Starbucks rushes pointingly at the window’, no matter how much Johnny Depp starred in it.


[One man who has inspired by me in this by sharing his platform with some women so that their voices can be heard is Micah J Murray and you can read some of those powerful posts over here in this first post by Becca Rose]

top 5 songs on my repeat…

i assume that this post will lose me a lot of respect and so it’s quite fortunate i don’t feed off that stuff – but there are a couple of songs that i have bought from ovi music store in the last couple of months that i keep sticking on repeat cos they make me happy…

they are the following in no particular order:

[1] bought this morning: ‘Techno Band’ by Lonehill Estate – what gets me is the pausing in the last line of the chorus – you’re. gonna. be. innit… slays me every time. i dig the rap sing style and the vibe of the song – it’s silly but it’s happy silly…

[2] Somebody to Love by Queen (2011 remaster) – the only thing that freaks me out about this song is i am singing the words “find me somebody to love” ad nauseaum and i am hoping tbV won’t take offence cos clearly i have somebody to love, but i just REALLY love that song and finally got round to buying it – my favourite is the chantlike buildup of the repetitive “find me somebody to love” and all the “somebody” “somebody”‘s at the end – perfect no-one-in-the-house-pump-up-the-volume-and-sing-with-full-vocals-and-possibly-a-broom-mic…

[3] No Robot’s by the Arrows – saw them live at New Year’s and had to i think to fully appreciate this music – they are a wacked out crazy psycho band of just two girls (and wacked out crazy psycho in the best way possible) and i just love the energy and freedom in this song plus the lyrics (which for me are generally the thing i look at) point wholeheartedly at Yahweh – “oh it’s poetry, it’s genius – You don’t want robots, You want our love – so You let us carry on like this, cos You don’t want robots, You want our love – and still we blame You and we call You names – You don’t want robots You want our love – and You go and give it to us all the same, all the same, all the sa-a-ame”

[4] That’s not my Name – The Ting Tings – do i even have to comment? in terms of catchy, pump up the volume, sing your pop idol audition to No_bob the stuffed dolphin judging panel… “everything considered they forget my na-a-a-ame”

[5] Crazy [and Going on] by Gnarls Barkly – thankx to the beautiful Val for directing me to this one (Going on) – i just love repetition but not Rihanna take-any-word-and-repeat-it-ten-times and then make 15 similiar songs style… i’m talking the “Going on” line “I’ve seen it with my own eyes, how we’re getting otherwise,
without the luxury of leaving. (leaving) The touch and feeling of free, is untangible technically, is something you got to believe in. (believe in)” and then “Crazy” i’ve just dugged for ever [yes, “dugged!”] because it’s about people thinking i’m crazy, and, you know… i just dig the beat and rhythm and his voice and the vibe…

and then special mention must go to Duck Soup and ‘Barbra Streisand’ [thankx to the Proteas cos they played it ALL the time when i was at the last game and i fell completely in love] – i really don’t dig barbra streisand (no offence) and so the fact that i love this techno beaty song about her just becomes all that much more surreal… and ‘Jump’ by Flo Rida which i absolutely absolutely dig and would be in the list if it was a top 6… “When i say jump you say “How high” – and ‘We no speak Americano’ (Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup) and

don’t get me wrong, the U2’s and Coldplays and R.E.M.’s and Snow Patrol’s will always be there, but for now these are the five and one that are getting me going… what’s your top 5 right now?

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