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My friend, Michael Toy, who lives in Americaland and is a real person writes some incredible poetry that speaks deeply into things and as i am slowly working my way through his book i thought it was time to share another gem – this is taken from the book, ‘Blame it on the Huehuetenango’ which you should order online cos he has such an incredible gift at this kind of thing:

christian men and christian women

christian men and christian women

often hae sex, and find it to be

an excellent sort of thing to do

we are very careful, however,

to never discuss this activity

using any language which

might bring to mind

the slightest hint of

the remembered or anticipated

the emotion or the experience

even words like “evocative” and “nuance”

are avoided, being a little bit

too dangerous.

christian men and christian women

often stand in a room with

a thousand strangers singing

all unfettered adjectives and adverbs

of overwhelmed beauty and

longing for a completion

which shatters the secret soul

and fulfills creation

stretching out their hands

to touch the divine

oh, to be the beautiful bride

on the night she finally

gives herself to her lover

christian men and women

this is one reason why

people sometimes

don’t take us seriously

= = = = = = = = = =

[For another great poem by Michael Toy called all human, click here or head on over to his site over here

i recently received an email from a friend of mine who is a girl who loves Jesus but is getting quite frustrated with the guys in her church not stepping up in the area of asking girls out [you can read the email and the responses i gave here]

after posting it, i received a pretty huge number of responses from Christian young adult women going “Yeah, step up boys!” or something like that. someone commented that mathematically there are more christian women than christian men so they’re already on the back foot.

then i read some comments that my new friend M Joshua had written at the end of his worth-reading Love Subverts blog on Christian Dating which you can read here.

and so, having dealt with this topic, i realised it needed a bit of a closer look – which i will do in my next two posts – but also that this is not just a guy thing – it’s a guy thing AND it’s a girl thing and i will look at both briefly with the hope that you will carefully look at the one that relates to you and give it some serious thort – i am also hoping that these blogs in particular will get you responding so we can hear exactly what you’re thinking and feeling and saying on the matter…

this seems to be quite a big deal, so let’s treat it like that – start by asking yourself the question: How do i as a Jesus-following guy/girl need to step up in the area of showing/receiving interest to members of the opposite sex?

you ready for this? read on…

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