so the past 4 days the simple way crew headed off to the Wild Goose which is a festival of music and speaking and art and a lot more which happened last year for the very first time [and which was one of the first experiences the beautiful Val and myself had after joining the Simple Way] and so i thort i’d write some reflections on it day to day but nothing too intense because i wanted to be living the festival more than just blogging about it – so these are very simple or very profound insights or experiences of my time at the Goose. Thorts I felt were Irresistibly Fish’like i will stick here and thorts that were more of a weighing up a thing against a thing i will post on my ‘The Simple Weigh’ blog.

Day 1: Wednesday

Dana [our friend from Boston who had come thru to help us drive to the Wild Goose] walked across just after 6am so we could start the unenviable task of trying to fit a crapload of stuff [don’t get me started!] into a not crapload of space. and [with some baptist-music-and-drama-team-pickup-packup flashbacks to give me a movie-slow-mo-montage type encouragement] we totally dominated. absolute masterclass of a pack and i celebrate years of Tetris & occasional dabblings of Jenga at having inspired the feat.

the second standout memory of the trip was a tub of dark chocolate icing [or ‘frosting’ as they call it. these americaners are crazy (thought Asterix)] and a chopstick. cos when you’re needing a distractionary and energy-inducing treat to keep you awake and alert while driving a ten hour trip, that will do the trick [aka ‘git her done’] right there.

to continue to day 2 hit this spot, and by ‘hit’ i mean ‘click’ but your mouse, not your fingers cos that would be silly…