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my beautiful wife val just wrote this blog and it’s been stuff that is on my mind and heart a lot these last few years and she pretty much nails it:

check out her blog titled “on immoral wealth”

hey readers of this

someone forwarded me an email not telling me the nigerian governtment or bill gates are about to send me a lot of money so i thort i’d pay attention – there is this site that puts together presents for needy kids in the form of santa shoeboxes – they have a target of 31552 kids this year and are currently over the 29000 mark and so really just need a few people to push them over – check out the site – get involved if you will – one piece of meat less on your Christmas dinner table might mean a changed life or moment for someone else

visit the site

The project started in Cape Town in 2006 spearheaded by the founder of Kidz2Kidz, Dee Boehner. In 2007 Irene’ Pieters was appointed national co-ordinator and in 2008 the Santa Shoebox Project joined forces with a similar organization from Somerset West.

Since then, the project has grown in leaps and bounds and the numbers have grown from 180 Santa Shoeboxes in 2006, to 2000 boxes in 2007, 8000 in 2008 to 16000 in 2009, exceeding the target by 30% – 50% year on year. In 2009 the Santa Shoebox Project reached into all corners of South Africa and in 2010 also into Namibia and Botswana. Each country supporting their own children.

The management is run entirely by volunteers. Kind hearted people who give their time, effort and expertise without being remunerated for it. Satellite projects have sprung up not only in the big cities but include many small country towns as well. All run by volunteers taking the responsibility of acting as co-ordinators for their areas.

i imagine most people in south africa know someone who is from or in zim and so the zim situation probly connects deeply with a lot of us and usually carries a despondent or powerless ‘what can i do?’ attachment…

well i got this email in my inbox this week and this is a way for the church to get involved and just exciting to know what is happening in the heart of zimbabwe as well – so i challenge you to get involved and actively put this day aside to pray for zim – then i challenge you to chat to your church leaders and see if they can have a time during the service on sunday to mention these pray pointers and to stand alongside the church in zim and pray for restoration and freedom and for the continued growth of the church

it is way past time…

Momentum is Growing in Zimbabwe

From all accounts the momentum is building for an incredible climax on 26th September in Zimbabwe. Plans are under way to gather people in 10 city venues and a whopping 100 rural venues on the 26th to call the Church to God, one another and the nation. Angus Buchan, a well-known evangelist in southern Africa, has agreed to speak at a gathering of Christians in Harare on Saturday 25th and to make an address at the main Harare venue on 26th.

Please pray…

* for the call to grow louder both within Zimbabwe and across the world
* for God’s Spirit to be moving to orchestrate breakthrough in an unprecedented way in Zimbabwe
* for the planning and logistics of all the planned gathering in Zimbabwe and around the world
* for the eyes of the world to be turned to Zimbabwe in order for them to see God bringing solution to a nation where everything else has failed and for His glory to be seen
* for Zimbabwe to be a catalyst nation for revival and restoration to sweep across Africa


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