ah, this read makes me happy

sneak into cricinfo to check out latest cricketing news and confirm a great pakistan victory over england to see the usa have won a comprehensive division four title…

but what makes it a happy place moment is reading the three line-ups:

usa beat italy by eight wickets for first and second place

nepal (yes, you read that right) crushed tanzania (again!) by ten wickets for third and fourth

and then finishing things up with 5th and 6th are the cayman islands (where?) beating out argentina by seven wickets…

so it may be a few years before we have to worry about the might of italy on the cricketing field, but i have been following afghanistan’s recent progress which is great and i think they actually may have qualified for the next one day world cup (or possibly 20/20) which is really cool

[of course when you read the team name list of the american team it makes a little more sense with not so many americanish type names jostling for position amongst all those pakistan/india/sri lankan sounding last names] kind of like the south african team england use in most of their international matches, hm?