So for the past few months my 7 year old son and I have been on a mission to infect the world with kindness.

It all started when after going through a tough time I got to a stage where I was feeling really grateful for all the good things in my life and I decided to do something nice for someone who was less fortunate than me.  It left me feeling so good that I decided this would be a great thing to share with my son. I suggested to him that we have one day a week where we do something nice for someone else be it a friend, family member or stranger.

He was immediately excited at the idea and asked why did it have to only be one day a week, could we not do it every day! So this is how our journey began.

One particular thing that we decided to do one day (and have continued to do generally once a week since then) is full a flask with boiling water and take some coffee, sugar, milk and cups together with some muffins we had baked and drive around our neighbourhood looking for homeless people we can share a warm drink with.

It is currently winter in Cape Town and there have been some really cold days! The first day we met Thomas, Louise and Charlotte. It was really nice to take the time to sit down and talk with these people. They were so surprised that we took the time to sit and talk to them, find out their name and take an interest in their lives. 

cayden[Sally used to be on a youth leaders committee with me a very long time ago and we ate a decent amount of Milo out of the tin together]

[If you are interested you can read more about what they have been doing on their blog – or our facebook page –

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