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Stephan Pastis is back and this time he is skewering the U.S. Supreme Court, or maybe just politics or big business in general:

pearlsbeforegovt[For a Pearls before Swine cartoon that takes on the ridiculousness of Spinning classes at the Gym, click here]

[For a Pearls before Swine strip with an unfortunately timed innuendo pun, click here]

achilles heel

via the Tweeter this morning i received a link to a cartoon page i have not seen before and was immediately mesmerised by the dark edginess of the injured boy raking up leaves where he lay… having scrolled down and taken in some more of them, there seems to be an ongoing theme of slightly dark and edgy and i appreciate that in a cartoon – these are four that stuck out for me but check out the site here for more…





my favourite comic strip continues to be Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis which you can find here and then i also often appreciate Buttersafe – what comic strips regular bring a smile, a laugh, or milk gushing out your nose, to you?

safe as butter

so recently i found this site with cartoons on it, some of which make me laugh a lot, some of which are smile out loud funny and some which are a little too edgy for my liking, so kinda have to sift through the okay and mediocre to get to the good, but this one today really made me smile…


Pearls Before Swine

is both a comic i really dig (by stephan pastis – have all the annuals except the latest which i haven’t organised from overseasville yet) and a statement i wish to make as a regular blogger…

…pass me the cushion…

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