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This is honestly pretty much how i feel about the concept of spinning. Well played Stephan Pastis and the gang from Pearls before Swine:


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Pearls before Heaven

Another day, another great Pearls before Swine cartoon, and you know I just share the really great ones here.

The most popular strip I have shared so far is one I decided to call ‘Fasting Morons’ which has got the hugest number of popularity hits as people really resonated with it. I suspect this one will not be far behind. Thank you Stephan Pastis for voicing, via Rat, the words many of us have secretly thought, but been too afraid to say [along with ‘Will there be a special spot in the corner for the christians who stuck THOSE bumper stickers on their cars? You know who i mean]:



Stephan Pastis has a new Pearls Before Swine treasury called ‘Rat’s Wars’ which i am totally going to get to add to my PBS collection and you should too. I’m hoping that endorsement will finally push Stephan over the line when it comes to adding a yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called No_bob [cos he doesn’t bob] into his strip, even as a once off cameo.

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Why choosing your words carefully when announcing big news [to shtupidt people] is wise as Stephan Pastis from Pearls before Swine brings it again:

Pearls before Babies

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So looks like Stephan Pastis, creator of the most excellent cartoon strip, ‘Pearls Before Swine’ is slowly coming around to my idea and persuasion about including a  yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin character called ‘No_bob’ into his cartoon strip. Baby steps, Stephan, baby steps. Today a fish, tomorrow the dolphin.


Pearls Before Swine


My biggest fear is not so much that Stephan Pastis won’t ever put No_bob into the cartoon strip – I have full confidence we’ll wear him down eventually – but that when he finally relents, he will be like most of you and spell it with a hyphen and a big ‘B’ – his name is not no-Bob.

If you would like to join in the positive peer pressure to see this happen in a future strip, simply email Stephan at pearlscomic@gmail.com and tell him you love his cartoon strip and would dig it even more if he included a not real yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called No_bob [who was going to be called ‘Bob’ but he doesn’t bob] and if he wants to learn how to draw him properly to contact brett fish at brettfish@hotmail.com

Join the Revolution!

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