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Pearls before Drugs

A friendly anti-drug service announcement from our beloved punster-in-chief Stephan Pastis and the gang from Pearls before Swine:

Pearlsjustsayno[For Pearls before Swine take on Solving the Energy crisis, click here]

[For Pearls before Swine helpful tips on Cartography aka map-making, click here]


been a while since i stuck a Pearls strip in my blog, but this felt like a good one to begin the New Year with… just finished reading the Rat’s Wars compilation [which was my Christmas present to myself] and have added his next compilation to my wish list already…

but in the meantime, people who deal with a lot of shtupidt people will resonate with this i feel:
pearlsstupidmapsand the follow-up:

pearlsstupid ii

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