Ah, there you are

I sense you, reaching for me again

Not because you need me

Just because you need to make sure I’m there

I am your preciouss

“A convenience” was my way in

“A necessity” is what I’ve become

But you don’t even notice

As I continue to slowly, subtly infiltrate your life

You smile as you convince yourself that you are in charge

And back it up by reminding the world that you have changed my setting to silent

Although still on vibrate,

You know… just in case…

And so, as I lie idol in your bag

Waiting for your next Seriously Mediocre Salutation

Or life-changing, world-saving? conversation with, oh what’s-her-name?

So I count the hours I’ve taken, money I’m making

Conversations I’ve broken into and near accidents I’ve caused

And vibrate quietly to myself as I prepare for my next cancerous assault…