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Well it’s like a joke or favourite movie really, right? How do you possibly pick just one?

i feel like i have so many that i really dig and so would maybe have to break it down into themes…

My all-time favourite Gary Larsen [of ‘The Far Side’ fame] is definitely this one with the unfortunate spider incident:


As you know by now, i’m a HUGE fan of Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis and have a whole gallery of his strips that i enjoy over here and it would be hard to have a favourite Pearls tha doesn’t include the Crocs, my favourite characters:



But, to be honest, among all the great ones there are, this is the one that jumps out at me when i think of a favourite Pearls:


Then there is a cartoon strip called Buttersafe that bounces between amazingly funny and completely random but it really does do misdirection well, which is one of my favourite forms of humour:

buttersafechessGarfield is a lot of really hit or miss but when it hits it is great and when it features this particular topic, then even better:



And then of course there is Calvin and Hobbes which was just pure greatness but my favourites tended to be his snow-related ones:

snowbowl snowfood snowsharkAnd so many more, because let’s face it, there have been some great comic strips…

But i want to know what your favourite is… currently my favourite strip is Pearls before Swine. Do you have a best ever? Or a current fave?

Stick an example or add a link in the comments section and let’s share the cartoon strip love…

light colour galaxies

Another week, another ‘The Weekly Mash [and Peace!] – see what’s been happening this week on the other side of my blog garage…

Monday saw some Buttersafe cartoonage depicting the ridiculousness of chess pieces and the trap of the workplace

Tuesday saw us take a look at the boy who couldn’t be buried, the incoming plague and the no celebration relay team orders

Wednesday saw some more cartoons with a simple yet powerful contrasting of Together vs. Not Together

Thursday was an indepth scratch of the tip of the iceberg of the cruciality of forgiveness to assist healthy living

Friday was a revolutionary paradigm shift read in terms of how we spend out time and how productive we are – worth putting some time aside to read!

[for next Saturday’s round-up containing elements of Jack Bauer and The Bluths, keeping the friendship door open and the petrol pump kareoke couple, click here]

[also catch up on last week’s Saturday Round Up: of being Matrixed, bone marrow matches, heartfelt apologies and a boy with tape on his face.]

via the Tweeter this morning i received a link to a cartoon page i have not seen before and was immediately mesmerised by the dark edginess of the injured boy raking up leaves where he lay… having scrolled down and taken in some more of them, there seems to be an ongoing theme of slightly dark and edgy and i appreciate that in a cartoon – these are four that stuck out for me but check out the site here for more…





my favourite comic strip continues to be Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis which you can find here and then i also often appreciate Buttersafe – what comic strips regular bring a smile, a laugh, or milk gushing out your nose, to you?

so there is a cartoon called ‘buttersafe’ which is pretty randomish and edgy on occasion but can be very funny and out there on a different occasion and this one i found really good – the answer to one of life’s burning questions…

check it out

safe as butter

so recently i found this site with cartoons on it, some of which make me laugh a lot, some of which are smile out loud funny and some which are a little too edgy for my liking, so kinda have to sift through the okay and mediocre to get to the good, but this one today really made me smile…


so people who know me know i appreciate random humour and this cartoon sums up this new site of cartoons i recently stumbled upon – a very lot of them i find funny or gently amusing, some i just don’t get or are quite lame and there is the occasional one that is not super kosher, but if you wade thru the archives there are some genuinely good laughs waiting [especially if you appreciate random humour]

like this one

actually this one is pretty good too

buttersafe.com… check it out… find one you like?

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