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i took

a step

as if

to change

the world

but was

arrested by

the reflection

in the mirror

calling for

me to

go first

[For my next poem, titled ‘in competence’, click here]

i dial

your number


this time

will be different

but that

elevator music

is playing

once more

[For more of my Micropoetritic attempts, click here]

i have been well inspired by my new friend Original Dante who has an exceptional gift at writing Micropoetry to try put together some of my own.

i have no idea how he manages to fit SO MUCH into so few words which has clearly always been a problem of mine and so maybe tackling some Micropoetry will help me in general to write more using less.

So here goes – these are the Micropoems i have published this year – i hope you will enjoy them:

about turn

closed – people who have to tell you how open-minded they are often aren’t

coffee – the truth behind the addiction

good intentions – does my desire to help you outweigh my present comfort?

hypocoffeecracy – one of my wrestles at the moment

idiots – this one inspired by my wife, tbV

in competence [an ode to Telkom phone assistance operators]

knowing her

phone bank

racist – the words we use betray us

robbed – my best friend lost the battle to cancer this year

stop the noise! – If you have nothing good to say online…

the alchemist – watching a man turn my trash into gold

their pain – when someone else is going through grief and you have no words

triple threat [three poems to different audiences in the wake of #IfIDieInPoliceCustody and Sandy Bland death]

[For other longer poems i have written in 2015, click here]

as the sun goes down

casting ominous shadows beneath an ever-pinkening sky

so the battle lines are drawn

and the protagonists determinedly take their places

facing off with brutal expressions of intent


the people passionate about all things cat

are huddled together, talking strategy

ready to throw absolutely everything they have

at the mass of bodies and faces across from them

collectively known as those with a deep care for the environment

who compile and distribute petitions at will

and boycott companies who dare not be green enough


those who care so deeply about the children being sold into slavery

prepare for combat by sharpening the axes they brought to grind

every now and then pausing for a moment

to peer over the tops of their spectacles at their opposition


on your social media wall

nestled safely in between baby photos and engagement announcements


at some point someone fires a gun…
or perhaps it was a whistle?

i’m thinking some form of signal was possibly given

to launch the different groups screaming like rabid dogs at one another

and begin tearing each other apart

[the people who care about dogs suffering from the effects of rabies are at the judges table

loudly arguing about the insensitivity of using such a descriptive phrase]


turns out the ‘tearing’ was metaphorical

or virtual or something

but tearing was done

or at the very least, insinuated

as one group with a cause

sized up another group “with a cause”

[“but not as important as our cause” each whispered in hushed tones]

[only amongst themselves of course]


the fall out

that inevitably ensued

was that “your worthy cause isn’t as worthy as my worthy cause

your guilt is too hip

and you clearly don’t speak for everyone, so your perspective is meaningless”


in the midst of all the uproar,

the accusations and the posturings,

the video clips and the event sharings

not to mention time out for the trolling of the comments sections [a group event]

the clouds gathered

the sky opened

the rain came down

and washed them all away

[or at the very least sent them scurrying back to the safety of their computer keyboards]


and a lone child was left standing

making the most of some unsupervised time in the mud and puddles that had formed

when suddenly a moment of significance passed

in which an idea seemed to swoop in from far up high in the sky

and lodge itself deep into the brain part of this innocent

who paused for a whole long sixty second minute

as she sought to take it in

looked up

and exclaimed, as if the most natural exclamation in the world,


“What if, I was able to view your cause as different to mine, but of equal value and importance?”


it was as if a mighty thunderbolt had struck at that precise moment

causing an immediate wave of

lightbulb after lightbulb blinking into existence

as each and every individual in the crowd

marvelled at this ingenious yet ever-so-simple piece of wisdom


or at least, it would have

had any of them remained.

but alas, there was no-one else to be seen.


as the activists and fanatics,

the poster wavers and the bearers of truth,

all those who championed a cause

at the exclusion of all others

were safely locked away

in the comfort of their lonely rooms

readying their next missive,

this one which would be the one

that would finally get them to realise why they need to climb on board…






my friend Michael Toy gave me a copy of his poetry book with some classic gems in it: Blame it on the Huehuetenango

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