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another week and another great photo challenge, this one offering a range of interpretation, although i decided to keep it simple…

here is a picture of me and the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob [because he doesn’t!] taking in the sights of the Petronas towers in Malaysia… a strong sense of Up happening there…

Twin Towers Malaysia

and then these three from my website photo shoot many years ago… which i call ‘preparing for take-off’

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none of the time.

i had this quick thort when we went shopping yesterday afternoon – as we were in the line about to pay we realised we were six eggs short of a full basket, or that we might need more than the six we were going to get, so tbV waited in line and i ran across Pick ‘n Pay to the egg section to grab some eggs – looked for the cheapest box of six and grabbed them and started to walk away when i realised i hadn’t grabbed the free range eggs [which we normally buy] and so i put my first box back and grabbed my second one…

box of normal be nasty to the chickens eggs – around R7

box of free range assume we’re being nicer to the chickens eggs – around R10

and as i walked back to Val i thort “we’re screwed”

if it ever gets out that i spent R10 on eggs when i could have spent R7 on eggs, the ‘give to the poor’ people will be on my case

on the other hand if i spend R7 on normal eggs instead of spending R10 on free range eggs, the ‘be nice to animals’ people will be on my case

so i took the eggs back and we decided to go without to keep everyone happy
[except for the bit about taking the eggs back]

but my point is that if you try to keep everyone happy, you actually just can’t – if you spend your life on poor people, the animal rights people will be after you and if you switch to animal rights then the HIV/AIDS people will be on your case and if you try juggle all of those then what about the children and if you look after the children then the old people and so on and so on…

the problem is not so much me choosing one thing over another but each person not doing their thing – we can’t all save all of the poor but if every person on the planet was trying to help one poor person i think we could even eliminate this thing – do the thing you’re called to do and if you don’t feel “called” to do anything then do the thing that’s on your doorstep until you feel a call…

you may have heard this before:

This old man is walking along the beach when he spots a little boy deeply focused on a strange task.

The tide has gone out, and there are hundreds of thousands of starfish up and down the beach that are now baking in the sun. The little boy bends down picks one up and throws it into the sea to safety.

After watching him for a while, the old man eventually can’t take it any longer and he approaches the kid.

“What are you doing” he asks.

“I’m saving these starfish,” the boy confidently replies.

The man gestures up the beach at the masses of starfish baking to death in the sun. “There are thousands of starfish there. What difference do you think you can make?”

And the little boy bends down and picks up a starfish and shows the old man and says to him, “I am making a difference to this one” before throwing it out into the sea. And then bends down to pick up another one. “I’m making a difference to this one.”

but take it one step further…


One little kid and thousands of starfish – absolutely no noticeable difference. He can save a starfish here and there but he is going to make virtually no impact and there are going to be a lot of dead and rotting starfish polluting the beach. But if everyone [starting with the church cos this is who we’ve been called to be] got down to the beach, where the need is, and started saving their one, their ten, their hundred… then there is a chance…

so i have been married for about 14 months yesterday and i still completely highly recommend it if it is to the right person – it is not always easy – it is sometimes really hard – but it is incredible and the pros definitely outbeat-up-and-leave-bleeding-behind-the-shed the cons… and i love the beautiful Val – really feel privileged and lucky and amazed that i have someone like her in my life… yay.

the one thing that i have noticed and i was just wondering if it is an us phenomenon or whether other newly married couples have discovered this ‘gem’ is the bermuda triangleness of time that occurs once you get married [married people with kids don’t even bother posting responses cos my brain can’t even stretch this scenario to adding more people into the mix, especially little ones, with poo and stuff]

before we got married it felt like i had a lot of time – we saw each other a fair amount of time i think and i did a whole lot of stuff and had time for church and people and hockey and theatresports and silly computer games and and and…

and then we got married [and please don’t see this as a complaint – it’s not a complaint – more a general musing and a wondering if it’s just us or if others have noticed this as well] and for starters there were the dishes which i am convinced are procreating in our sink (at precisely the same time as aliens from another dimension are warping in and first beaming out all the teaspoons and then other clean things) and so we have a meal and we wash up (i love washing up most of the time so it’s really not a problem – i understand a lot of other people hate it) and then we turn our backs for 18 seconds and WHOOSH!! – full sink of dirty dishes, no clean teaspoons…

wash up seven times a day, make two cups of coffee and suddenly we have an overflowing sink of dirtiness – anyone nodding, smiling, sympathy crying?

and then there is the washing – tbV is a lot more diligent with the washing than i am altho i do try and take opportunities to fill the machine and throw in the powder and flip it on and take it out and hang it up on occasion – but you do a whole crapload of washing (three loads) after maybe a weekend away, and then you take two steps away and as you gasp in bemusement at the post 18 second WHOOSH!! that has just occured in the sink, your peripheral vision is starting to bleat out, “Mayday! Mayday!” and you’re like, “Don’t be silly, it’s mid-September” and pv is like, “no dude, seriously you got to see this” and you look around and BIG FILLED-UP-WITH-DIRTY-CLOTHES-WASHBASKET OVERFLOWING…

it’s a never ending cycle, and there are two of us now working at it – don’t get me started on cleaning the house (no, i mean really, don’t get me started on cleaning the house) and restocking toilet rolls and the bathroom and emptying the trash bags and buying electricity and shopping and and and…

then in terms of spending time with my wife, i absolutely love it and we spend quite a lot of time together, hanging, watching dvd’s, playing scrabble on- and off- line, and other games, talking, working together, etc etc but there just seems to be not enuff time to do all of it justice

like i could spend a week just playing games with my wife, or a week just chatting to her and dreaming out loud about the future and hearing where we are struggling and talking through family stuff and chatting what’s happening in the world or trafficking stuff or thesis stuff, i could spend a week watching dvd’s with her, i could spend a week listening to sermons and doing sodukos and laughing and a bunch of other stuff we like doing together (yes, yes, i’m talking about having settlers marathons) but there is just no time for it all so we sneak in a game of scrabble here and a few episodes of scrubs there and then we have to make a meal [left that off the list – love it, absolutely love cooking for her and with her and you do this whole marathon process and make a pretty amazing meal and it’s gone in ten minutes and the sink is crying out your name] and the dustbins need to go and there’s a meeting and oh wait she has a family and i have a family who kinda want to see us from time to time and she has friends and i have friends and we have mutual friends and just hanging with God needs our attention and there is still so much out there like mashie golf and skydiving and going away for a weekend and bigscreen movies and meals out and hip hop classes and the beach that needs our feet on it and robben island and the theatre and standup comedy and and and

is there any other new couple experiencing this bermuda triangle of time, because it certainly wasn’t around before we got married, but now it seems to… what? a full sink? but i didn’t… we didn’t… i’ve just… argh, gotta go… VAL, CLOTHES BASKET STAT!!!

so i was at the beach yesterday which i really don’t do enough and was actually in the water (ditto) which was amazingly warm (or maybe amazingly warm for cape town beach water – i am not really a swimmer type person usually because i find the water too cold but here i had to be in to watch the kids and it was surprisingly not that bad) and i started to watch people

i love watching people – not in a hunt-them-down-later-and-leave-disturbing-messages-made-out-of-letters-cut-out-of-magazines-and-the-newspaper kind of way – but just seeing how people (who don’t know they’re being watched) behave or look or speak

and it was great. firstly there were these three young and little girls who were having an absolute blast in the waves near us and just seemed absolutely content and happy and vibing with each other and laughing a lot.

then there was a very young and little dude who was trying to catch a wave on his surfboard and just wasn’t able to stand and as he went past me i said to him “so close dude” and he responded “yeah and so far” and i gave him a bit of a Robin-Williams-in-Dead-Poets-Society-and-Good-Morning-Vietnam-type pep speech about how he could make it and how he shouldn’t give up and so on and he went off and the very next wave… he tried to stand up… and didn’t… but i think he didn’t stand up a LOT better than before I’d given him the talk…

watching him a little bit more and first picked up his mom in a full wet suite surfing near him and helping take him out over the waves to get to a good spot to try again, and then his dad also full wet suit, also surfing and i thort, “wow, that is so super uber cool” cos you know what they say, ‘the family who surfs together… um… something something together’ or something like that, but it was great to see this family, obviously loving each other and loving hanging out together doing stuff

then there were these two guys walking along the beach together, obviously friends. the one guy had no neck whatsoever, you know, one of those head-almost-directly-on-the-shoulders type guys, and as i noticed that i looked across at his friend and noticed that he had almost too much neck, and so it was quite an interesting combination of neck and no-neck walking down the beach together – how about sharing some with your friend, neck!

and then there was thug body boarder. now i know you can’t call someone ‘thug’ not in a bad way but i really don’t mean it in a bad way. if this guy was in a british football movie he would be in the credits as ‘football hooligan #4’ or something like that – just looked like a bit of a bruiser, big oke, well built, huge tattoo down his forearm and kinda thuggish… which is relevant, cos if i just said a big guy on a body board then it loses momentum. cos i watched him catch a wave and ride it for a long while and he had the biggest most contentable smile on his face, the kind of smile that only an 8 year old can have when he eyes ice-cream or the parents of a toddler when he finally poos in the pottie you know. It was incredible – this dude was absolutely enjoying himself to the extreme

and obviously a bunch of other people but those stood out. and of course the ten kids we had brought to the beach from kayamandi (the K) who were having an absolutable blast. brilliant just watching these kids come to life and just completely thrive in the water.

i love watching people. guessing who they are and what they’re about. watching interaction between people who really care about each other (and there are a lot of those on the beach – maybe those who don’t care enough stay away from the beach a lot more) and just seeing the absolute power of love in action.

yesterday i was at strand beach. and it was hot. very hot. in fact at one point in was standing by myself in the sea, watching over the kids from the township house we had taken there, and i thort to myself, “wow i am burning, with a capital ‘B’!”

followed by the thort, ‘what a dumb saying? why do people do that? it’s [insert word] with a capital [insert first letter of word]’

because the word ‘burning’ in my sentence would not have had a capital ‘b’ it would have just had a regular sized letter b. if it was a person’s name, that would make more sense, as in “hey it’s Kevin with a capital ‘K’” cos that actually would be authentic, but then i think that might just get on peoples nerves a bit or make them edge slowly away from you, avoiding sudden movements or eye contact.

so stop capitalising people. is all i’m saying. just say “wow, it’s REALLY hot today with no capitals whatsoever” – and don’t actually say the “with no capitals whatsoever” bit, that was more just a guide. oh and i just wrote ‘really’ in capitals so you could see what replaced ‘with a capital H’ so it’s not really in capitals.

and to cap it all, this commentary is from the guy who writes completely in capitals (it’s neater and i’ve been doing it since high school) and yet types his blog with an almost complete lack of capitals in places they deserve to be.

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