those of you who know me, know that i appreciate a little bit of bacon from time to time [oh, behave!] and so stumbling upon a blog page called ‘365 Days of Bacon’was clearly going to be a treat, and when on a whim i decided to email and ask if the creator would do a guest post for me and she said, “Absolutely!” despite being totally busy, i was even more bouyed and so thank you, thank you, thank you and here it is… [chocolate roses!!!]

2013: Year of Bacon

I’m so honored to share this REFLECTIONS ON BACON guest post for the friendly, intellectual, spiritual, bacon-loving Brett from Irresistibly Fish.

It just so happens that June is my 6-month 365DaysofBacon blog-aversary. What a great time to pause and reflect on my bacon-blog relationship!

As you might know, I wasn’t always a bacon lover. For the first 27 years of my life I didn’t care about bacon. At some point, I vehemently opposed its taste, smell, and general presence in the world.

Fortunately, I had a bacon “accident.” Or perhaps it was divine intervention. One day I was conversing over a salad, distractedly chewing, and there it was! That small, sneaky, thick-cut, hickory-smoked, crunchy bacon crumble in my mouth. AND I LOVED IT.

The rest, of course, is history. Several truckloads of bacon and one silly New Year’s resolution later, I found myself in the midst of Now I can viably dream, cook, eat, write, and share my bacon love.

But don’t be fooled. It’s not all meat candy and crunchy bacon sprinkles.

It is work. Producing a post a day and having a full-time job is … demanding. Will I make it another 6 months? I’ll try. 🙂

The UPs and DOWNs of Bacon Blogging


  • Excuses for Eating Bacon: Up
  • Personal Bacon Consumption: Up
  • Worldwide Bacon Consumption: Up
  • Cult Popularity of Bacon: Up

(Ahem, could there be a coincidence here?)


  • Creative Satisfaction: Up
  • Boredom time: Down
  • Available Free-time: Down
  • Hours of Sleep: Down

(satisfaction comes with sacrifice, apparently)


  • New friends made (because of bacon): Up
  • Conversation topics to fill social situations: Up
  • People who think I’m crazy: Up
  • Times neighbors have heard my smoke detectors: Up
  • Chance someone will throw me in Bacon Rehab: Up

(social normality is overrated. and who defines “normal,” anyway?)


  • Personal love of bacon: Up!Up!Up!

Gosh. Even after 6 months, I can still manage to make myself hungry for bacon.

Anyway, here are my top 5 fav bacon experiments:

Chocolate Bacon Roses

Chocolate Bacon Roses

Bacon Fatty

Bacon Fatty

Bacon Reeses Chocolate Cups

Bacon Reeses Chocolate Cups

Bacon Chocolate HazelNutella

Bacon Chocolate HazelNutella

Bacon Pancakes

Bacon Pancakes