So what videos caught your attention this week? From the incredible to the ridiculous, this is what held my attention:

This look like way too much fun to be had without me being a part of it – The Human Slingshot:


This is a bit of an older one but it’s really great and deserves a spot for those who may have missed it – Kenichi Ebina doing dance-ish Matrix moves on ‘Talent:


The next two were the car wreck you just can’t help slowing down to stare at as South Africa launched its new news station care of the Gupta family and it was BAD:


And suddenly #ANN7 became a trending tag on the Twitter… but fortunately we can’t claim World’s Worst on this one as this bad day on the job suggests:


If you made it to the phrase “Boom goes the dynamite” you have more stamina than most… suddenly Ben Affleck as Batman doesn’t feel like the worst thing we’ve seen this week.

How about you? Any videos you see this week worth sharing? Send us the links…fun