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in the midst of all the recent focus on murder and rape and negativity that has been jamming up the media and our minds and social networks, i figured it was time to seek out some inspirational life-giving stories of positivity and hope – what a gem to begin with:

Nicholas McCarthy

Just 23 years old, Nicholas McCarthy also appeared at the 2012 Paralympics ‘although McCarthy’s moment of fame came as a musical performer when he played in the closing ceremony with the British Paraorchestra.’

This young British pianist, born without his right hand, has been making an international name for himself as a exceptionally talented and hard-working one-handed pianist.

Read this story here and be ready to be deeply moved by someone who embraces life to the full against all odds and is wowing people the world over.

Watch the video clip with your eyes closed and you won’t believe the dude is playing with one hand only, it is in-sane!

What stories have you found that celebrate life and are worth sharing and being inspired by together?

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the beautiful Val, loved by this guy!

my wife, the beautiful Val [tbV], is an incredible writer who does not blog often enough – i tell he this often and she agrees and one hope i have of this coming 18 months where our work week looks like it should be a lot closer to 30 hours rather than 80 might just give her the opportunity to do so…

if you have never read her stuff before than you should and especially these two written into the very sensitive context that South Africa finds itself in at the moment…

on doing something

on being my sister’s keeper

you should read and like and share and link to her blog because when she writes it is life-changing society-transforming stuff and the more of you that get connected to her, the more we can encourage her to keep speaking…

i love you Valerie-Claire Anderson – keep on cos you are so gifted at this…

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