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so the other day i am on one of the bizarrest [so bizarre in fact, english grammar policers, that it took ‘most bizarre’ to another level] phone conversations at work that i have ever been on, which basically ends with this old couple [him speaking, her in the background] letting me know emphatically that the appropriate number of times for one to have read the bible through from beginning to end is somewhere >30 [“I lost count at 30” being the background ladys enthusiastic response to my rather feeble, “um, i don’t know, 5 or 6 maybe?”]

felt a little like something along the lines of “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition… amongst out weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, a ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the thirty fold reading of the word, i’ll come in again…” [especially when my office mate passed me a piece of paper with the title of that sketch on it]

but the finale moment was a classic as the old man commented on the fact that i must be from somewhere else because of my accent:

OLD MAN: I notice you have a different accent. You from England?
Me: South Africa.
OLD MAN: [excitedly] REALLY? What country?
Me: [holding back a year’s supply of sarcasm] South Africa.

i would love to hear your similar ‘the country of Africa’ stories…

[For the answer to the ‘Where are all the African Americans hiding?” question, click here]

so i met a cool metallic (as in bits of metal protruding froma  variety of face places) german last nite who surprised me by saying he is second year bible college in durban (not your average bible college look, it was great) and proceeded to show me this music video by michael gunga i think it is on his phone – it is very cool (and yes the bit about the flying hamster/guinea pig does make it seem like the singer was implying some kind of drug use, or just absolute merriment and joy perhaps) so watch it and go aaah. simple song, great video.


and before i watched this i never knew that God would change all your vegetables to sweets. schweet.

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