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No, that’s not a mistake. This is a follow up post to the ‘All’s Well That Starts Well’ post from Friday, where i spoke about a secret comedy show preview that was happening sometime [Friday night] and gave a bit of a taste of what it was about.

So basically this beard:


And this completely lack of a sense of hairstyle [at the moment – i’m in limbo]:


Gathered together with three other guys names Graeme, Andrew and JP and put on a Quiz Show called ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ for a group of our friends and loved ones in the hope that we could gauge the kind of response it would get, see what areas needed to be strengthened or tossed out or added to and whether or not the general consensus was whether people would actually pay money to watch this as a real live proper theatre show sometime [At least until DSTV commissions us].

And it was great.

It could have been better and will be better. Things like exploding [read ‘kicked over’] lamps before the show and exploding [read ‘slightly backed into not by me’] street electricals after the show won’t happen in a real theatrical space. Also not being in a real theatrical space also is extremely unlikely not to happen in a real theatrical space.

And it was our first time and so we were just getting a feel and giving a taste of what it would look like.

While any comedian [except maybe the ones who don’t have to beg their friends to come watch their shows] will probably always say, “There could have been more laughs”, there were still a crazy whole lot of laughs and consensus at the after party at my place was that people enjoyed it a lot, there is something there, it was a lot funnier than i thought it would be and “Nice hummus” although at least one of those points was possibly not about the show.

So we will meet and discuss and hopefully get some feedback and hopefully tighten some things and be more careful around lamps and driving home afterwards, but ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ started well in my opinion and i am pretty sure we will be back for more…

Don’t not keep watching this space.

All’s Well That Starts Well

i won’t lie – i’m pretty excited…


Sometime soon in the quite foreseeable future, this beard and i [and 3 other blokes actually who i didn’t have mutual pics with yet] are embarking on a new Comedy journey.

It is a show called ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ and if you didn’t get an invite to our secret preview Is-This-Really-As-Funny-As-We-Hope-And-Think-It-Is happening later sometime at some venue, then all i can say to you is: LOOK, A DISTRACTION!


In the manner of British Quiz shows such as QI, Would I Lie To you? and Mock the Week, where the show tends to be more about friendly banter than actual quiz knowledge, we are looking to pioneer something brand new which i really think is going to be really a decent amount load of fun.

All’s Well That Ends Well is a history-themed show with rounds involving Guess who Said This, Did that really happen? And What Happened Next? as we plum the depths of history in search of fun facts, scintillating stories and unexpected moments of sheer i-can’t-believe-that-to-be-trueness.

If this goes well toni… sometime, then we are hoping to hold some actual shows where people like you pay money for tickets to be thoroughly amused. There may even be some genuine heartfelt LOLs. In fact, we’re counting on it.

MJ, Andrew, JP, Graeme and Fish… let’s hope All’s Well Begins Well so that it can, well, continue…

Watch this space for more.

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