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ah so he’s at it again, my good fiend Julius Malema

this time there’s rumours of him receiving a bunch of business tenders for his companies from the government. basically a case of you scratch my back, I fill your account

and the initial comment from Mr Julius is that he is receiving no money except his salary. and then the newspaper had quoted his salary as being R20 000 and his only comment on that was ‘I am getting more than R20 000’ which tbV thort sounded fair for a man in his position. until i pointed out to her that as much as R25 000 is more than R20 000, so is R200 000 000 000 more than R20 000. so it was left open to interpretation. Mr Julius did say that he has bank loans for the two 4.5 million rand houses he owns (something like that) because he can’t buy them with cash like the article said – he doesn’t have that capacity

the article i read last night was about the ANC defending his right to be living in wealth because that is what the ANC fought for. and then it listed some stuff. the two houses, the 800 000 car and then R250 000 for a…

i asked tbV to guess what Mr J had a R250 000 of and she guessed a bunch of stuff, but i told her she’d never get it, cos the article (it’s on the interweb it must be true!) said that he has a R250 000 watch. you know, like tick tick. the article didn’t mention whether or not this was an old James Bond discard and that if you hold down the light button for longer than seven seconds a laser shoots out that can cut through gold. just mentioned the R250 000, and the watch bit

i’m not so sure that’s what the ANC fought for!

not convinced that’s what the voters who were all promised houses and of whom thousands (millions?) are still living in shacks in hideous conditions were aiming at

i actually can’t get my head around anyone owning a watch that costs that much. but someone claiming to be by the people, for the people (or was it buy the people, for-get the people?) it’s just some kind of evil.

hopefully a time is coming…

hm, okay this is so soon after my ‘learn something new about jacob zuma so i can maybe see him as a person’ post but after the last few days (building on the last year) wow i just struggle with Julius Malema and maybe need to meet up with his mom or close friend or something because he… like really? REALLY? like… ghah!

i don’t understand why the ANC tolerate him – to be honest i am not the most aware in the sphere of politics – i try stay informed of the news and what’s happening daily around the country and worldwide but only really the basic headlines and such so there is a lot i don’t know

but with mal-enema (speling?) i just don’t get it – the latest one is him defending Jacob Zuma (just fathered illegitimate child shortly before his 5th? wedding) by saying that he is untouchable because he is our father – so by his reasoning Jacob Zuma could walk around with an axe killing babies and it would be okay because you can’t question him – the fact that he holds tightly onto the concept of anyone being ‘above the law’ is incredibly concerning

but shtupidt statement after stupid statement and then following it with actions – he was in three different stories on the radio news this morning and i just don’t get why he gets to stay where he is doing what he is doing – is he our next president? i thort there was no way Zuma would get in after all the allegations and court cases and so on, but the fact that he did tells me Julius could really be next

but then if you see his role models, maybe it’s understandable – iafrica.com reports:

“Why should a relationship between two adults be made an issue?” ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu asked in a statement. “Why should it make headlines? Why is it characterised by some media as a ‘Shame to the nation’?”.

“There is nothing wrong that the president has done. There is nothing ‘shameful’ when two adults have a relationship,” he said.


if that is the ‘moral’ standard being shown by the leader and ruling party of this country then the young people of this nation are in trouble – who will fight for the relationships in South Africa? who will be role models for young people and teach them what true love is all about? who will lift up the standard of marriage which is an incredible incredible thing when done properly and with the right person…

i’m in. pick me.

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