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finally, the busyness fades away

quietly into the distance

and there is a space and time to slow down

to reflect

to be still and know

that which i already know

but which, in the rush

of the ordered out activities of the day

of the foolishness of harsh words with someone i love

or simply the pressure of trying to create a space to be this still

is quickly and so easily pushed to the side


to once again be reminded of the Love of a Saviour

of the faithfulness of a Loving Father

of the active Presence of a Holy Spirit

of the Truth of what I know and believe to be true


As the world does its best to go crazy outside

There is a certain comfort in just being

And knowing

And remembrance-ing

And reading

And listening

And praying

both together and alone

in helping create a space

and carving out a space of time

in helping others gain focus

and taking time to refocus

in turning down the lights

and lighting up the candles


in praying with a friend

and together praying for a friend

and receiving prayer from a friend


and so i read, ‘if there is any encouragement in Christ…’

IF there is..?

There is EVERY encouragement in Christ!

It is Christ in me, that is the hope of glory

The only hope I have

Not by works

Certainly not by anything i have done, or achieved

To somehow try to keep me humble

To remind me that i have no boast here

No brag that won’t immediately get me laughed out the room

It is all Him

He must always become greater

As i become less

And take steps backward

So that all focus is on Him

As i remain quietly

Hidden in the shadow of the cross…


and see myself once again in Him

and am offered the opportunity of a new year

not simply another year

a new one

the chance to start fresh

to clean up

to clear out

to throw off everything that hinders

the sin that so easily entangles

and to run once more with perseverance

the race marked out for me

to return to my first love

and see my lukewarm move to hot

to be salt and light and the fragrance of Him

to all those who wander across my path


what about you?

will you head into a new year with me?

Not another year.

you really don’t want to settle for less

when He has told you, you are worth so much more


hold my hand, walk with me

it won’t be easy, i don’t imagine

but it will be everything of good

why would anyone be happy with less?


you coming? i think it’s time…

responsibilityOne of the evolutions I would like to see happen in my life in 2014 is a move towards taking greater responsibility for my actions (or at times, lack thereof).

Charles Finney once said, ‘It seems to be a law of human nature that when a person is accused of wrong, either by the conscience of any other agent, he must either confess or justify.’

We have become masters of justification, right? One of the biggest conflict causers in the first year of my marriage to the beautiful Val (tbV) was games. We love playing games, but we are both fairly competitive, and so often the end of a game would translate to one of us, or both perhaps, being in a bit of a mood (like a tsunami is ‘a bit of a wave’, you know). I would generally be in a great mood if I won, because I like winning games. But often Val would be in a bad mood if she won. And it was always my fault. Because I used to be a very bad loser.

And it was not usually overtly bad violent angry throwing-my-toys losing. No, it was much more subtle than that, and really not intended maliciously from me. From my perspective, i like to understand why I lost – if it was a strategy thing, I want to be able to figure out why it went wrong, so I play differently the next time. So it generally came from the place of me trying to analyze my game and figure things out. But to Valerie, the message was very clearly ‘Well, you couldn’t have won because you played better, it must have been luck or a bad move on my part of something I don’t understand yet.’ And so my response to losing – to justify instead of confess – took everything away from her winning. In essence I was robbing my wife of everything I liked to experience when I win a game. Not cool, Mister Fish! (and 10000 apologies, lovely wife!)

That is such a great illustration for how so many people do life, don’t you think?

Politicians… Sports stars… Movie producers after a box office bomb… Young children… me?

But not you, right? Of is some of this starting to ring some alarm bells?

When something goes wrong, the tendency is to explain it away, to cover over the seriousness of it, to justify and make excuses as to why it was not our fault.

i imagine that often it might be a combination of factors, and so perhaps a great question to start with might be, ‘What responsibility do I have in this situation?’ of perhaps, ‘How much of this do I need to own or own up to?’ Starting at that place instead perhaps ending up there after working through all the possible excuses, may be a great place to start in terms of growing character and even seeing more success happen. Because those questions, if asked honestly, can really result in much growth.

Well, for me, as I think about 2014 just being a few days away, this is something I want to be working on. And sticking it on here is the biggest form of accountability I could think of… take a month of two and all me how it’s going (and let’s hope I don’t justify!)

Starting in my game playing seems to be a more easy-to-track area… but then in my marriage, and in my friendships, and in the workplace and youth ministry, I need to learn towards confessing being my go-to place. Asking the hard questions honestly, keeping an eye on procrastination and distraction tendencies and having people check in on me.

That feels like a great and healthy evolution to see taking place in my life in 2014.

What is one thing you are going to be working on?

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