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their pain

no words

just empty-feeling



after the service

has ended

and possibly

a small plate

of scones.

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all human

we are all fools

all believe something which

if we were suddenly pressed

we would deny quickly

or slowly slink away

we are all heretics

holding onto one secret thought

which would make us outcasts

we all wish for one thing

with all our hearts

which, if it came true

would leave us wishing

for something better

we all forgive

as little as possible

and only if we think

we’ll get something

in return

we are all lust

and too little love

we are all greedy before

we are willing to share

we are all human

which means both

something beautiful

and something we’d rather

not think about

[by Michael Toy, ‘Blame It On The Huehuetenango’]

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Heidi Segal selects the poem ‘Father William’ by Lewis Carroll and invites Erik [with a K] to give it his best:

Did that deeply move you in places you didn’t even know you had places? What poem would you entrust Erik [with a K] with if you were given the opportunity?

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Micropoem: coffee


i know

that i don’t

need you

at all

i tell myself

as i reach

for my

next cup

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stop the noise


when you

don’t have anything

to say

the very

best way

to acknowledge

that is

to keep

your fingers

from typing

any words

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Micropoem: closed


your words

tell me

you are


but your



to me

you have


decided what

you are

going to


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This is the last post in a series of four Tandem Blog posts where Dave Luis and Megan Furniss and myself have each picked a title and the three of us have written whatever it has inspired in us. So far we have done That Nagging Feeling… followed by 37 Million Miles… and lastly Boundaries. The fourth and final title was opened up to the Facebook and the most popular suggestion was by Valerie Anderson aka tbV [the beautiful Val] and it prompted the following piece. Be sure to read Dave and Megan’s pieces once you have finished with mine and if you like them, please leave a comment and tell us why…

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The Age of Outcry

It was the best of crimes. It was the worst of crimes.

He stared at the newspaper headline, unable to believe his eyes. Although ‘newspaper headline’ felt like a bit of a misnomer as this barely 60 word information snippet had been buried all the way back on page 9, opposite the local entertainment page, where non stories came to die. Or began their mere breath-of-a-life relatively stillborn.

Yet there it was. ‘Another cheetah killed by hunter’. Another cheetah? Poor bugger didn’t even get a name.

One of the lost girls coughed anxiously behind him. Poor children. Ever the eternal optimists. But it was his turn now and he wasn’t going to hand over the newspaper so quickly. They could drink in their disappointment later. He hadn’t even attempted the chess problem yet.

But the front page? The opening page of yesterday’s newspaper was announcing Woman’s Day – the one day in the year when men were supposed to treat woman as people, or something. Get their own damn coffee for a change or something equally as life-transformative.

He glanced across at his Twitter feed. #AllAnimalsMatter. He liked that one. It was good to see the #BlackLivesMatter movement using his moment to refocus the world on them. He had even chuckled out loud at the meme. COL. That should be a thing. He made a mental note to start using it.

Clicking yet another tab to see how Facebook was faring, he quickly noticed that all the rainbow-faces which had given way to pics of him [or one of his ‘kind’] were now largely filled with an assorted arrangement of pictures of statues with women’s lingerie hanging off them.

Cecil sighed a deep sigh. “Must be cancer awareness time again.”

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