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Heidi Segal selects the poem ‘Father William’ by Lewis Carroll and invites Erik [with a K] to give it his best:

Did that deeply move you in places you didn’t even know you had places? What poem would you entrust Erik [with a K] with if you were given the opportunity?

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Amy Benn requests the poem ‘Timothy Winters’ by Charles Causley and Erik [with a K] gives it his best shot:

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Here is Erik [with a K] reading Sea Fever by John Masefield recommended by Steve Heineman:

What poem would you love to hear Erik [with a K] read next? Leave your reply in the comments and if you enjoyed this, please SHARE it with your people

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Erik [with a K] is back and he wants to read you another one of this favourite poems, this time a classic by Dylan Thomas:

How deeply did this poem move you? What image stood out strongest?

What poem would you like Erik [with a K] to read next?

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