Kenya joinsSouth Africa

This week saw South Africa link arms with Kenya as we jointly hosted @AFrikkinHashtag with the tag #MoreHonestProductSlogans which really gave space for people to get creative.

And you did. With the @HashtagRoundup app helping make it all the more productive. If you’re a Hashtagger, make sure you download the app and get tagging.

This week i had a little more time to get prepared and so i helped set the scene with some of my own creations:


The idea being to grab a product with an existing slogan and honest it up a little, or else to completely come up with a brand new and more honest slogan of your own.

001GameTweetBeans #MoreHonestProductSlogans.png





Then i thought it would be good to have some local flavoured ones as well:



And, as per usual, we trended in the USA as well as Canada, who we tried to help out with their #BellLetsTalk tag which was raising money and awareness for Mental Health.

Which brings us to you and a lot of really great and creative tweets that made us smile and nod and LOL [and LIL, which is the inside version of LOLling for those who are slightly less demonstrative] and we cannot include them all here, but we do need to have a:


So here are the top 10 Tweets from this week’s #MoreHonestProductSlogans…

John went all German on us:

Rob made it a little personal, or was that creepy?:

Ben lead the way for a huge number of people who took on the Lego:

Nick reminded us what year we are in:

i don’t normally go for the sweary ones but this one by Abed was on point:

Kenneth spelled it out for us:

While Brutus took a look behind the curtain at the ‘wizard’:

Adan i’m sure brought a lot of haters on himself, but also the truth:

Esarty said what we’ve all known for years:

And last week’s co-host Anthony tapped [yes!] into the snob factor:

Sorry, i didn’t want to [yes!] force it… #faucet

This week’s duel runners up for the depth of their honesty:

i saw you nodding vigorously at both of those…

But this week’s hands down winner for me was Andrew who totally stated
it as half-heartedly as it needed to be stated with all the honesty
that brought [cos i can’t stand the stuff] with his Dr Pepper slogan:

THANK YOU EVERYBODY for playing – Kenya, thanks for high fiving it with South Africa and we look forward to doing it again sometime. We have a SUPER EXCITING tag prepared for next week and two amazing co-hosts in @googlygirl98 and @SadlyCatless who will be bringing it.

From South Africa’s Premier game where we go for family friendly in the form of funny, clever, misdirectional and just completely random we will see you on @AFrikkinHashtag soon…