i asked some of my parentals of young children friends on Facebook to share some creative ideas they have done or hope to do with their children and this is some of the response:

Bronwyn:  We’ve used the idea of the advent box, putting one item in a day so on Christmas Day we can give the box of thinngs to someone. Our 2 year old already understands it and is super excited to look for something of hers each day to give away and she gladly puts it in the box and leaves it there. We’ve chosen to do items from in the house so we’re not going out and spending more money on things.

Eleanor: Yulagh Fraser has a great way of doing her advent calendar with 2 1/2 year old Luke: they learn one of Jesus’ names, it’s meaning & read a scripture that uses it. She also puts a different treat in each day, depending on what the day holds & they’re not all sweets!

Abigail: We do communion on Christmas Eve as a family and explain the link between Christmas and Easter.  Grampa Will reads the Christmas story to the kids and we pray all together, thanking Jesus for specific blessings, His Life being the greatest.

Phyllis: As my daughter and I were rearranging Isaiah’s room, We started taking about him giving some of the toys he no longer plays with to someone who doesn’t have many toys. This was our first steps with him in tying it to Christmas.

Wayne: We have been teaching our oldest Rafa about the shepherds and why it is so cool and dangerous that an Angel appears to them. He now wants to be a shepherd – which could prove problematic.


What about you? Something you’ve done or are planning to do this year specifically aimed at helping your children be able to learn some more helpful principles and activities at Christmas? Share them in the comments.

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