Just a few moments ago, crawling up my wall.

And my initial instinct was not to grab a book and smoosh him. And to be honest, it hasn’t been that for a while.

i’ve written a little bit about this before with some cool Pearls Before Swine cartoons to help illustrate my point…


Side of my eye, see some movement, look up and it’s a spider. A thick enough bodied one to be a little interesting and with these quick moving back-and-force pincer type things at the front. i took a moment to be fascinated, and also to invite him to share my space [yes, feminists, or her!] And i cannot explain the peace i feel inside of me at not being filled with this compulsion to kill a bug [which i grew up with – i don’t remember anyone ever teaching it to me but i probably saw it modelled – A bug? Argh KILL KILL!!] but rather be filled with wonder at a unique and different life.

i highly recommend it.

i guess this could have been a WHAT IF post for my new series begging the question, ‘WHAT IF we didn’t feel the need to kill every spider, ant, bug we come across?’ unless it truly was making life difficult for us [yes, you mosquito! fly!] #SomeBugsMatter

i know that it’s changed my outlook on life in maybe the smallest of ways, but if i can find peace in that formerly violent/destructive situation, then perhaps there is hope for other areas where i am too quick to violence? In word or by deed…

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