A couple of months ago i discovered a sandwich that completely revolutionised my blogging.

If you’re a bloggerist like myself, then this may just blow you away.

But i am not talking about something as simple as this:


i’m also not  talking about the grilled version that looks a little more like this:


And i am not even talking about the South African monster Gatsby version that looks much more like this:


The sandwich i am referring to is a lot smaller but possibly a lot more effective than those other three [especially if you take into account the gherkins and asparagus in the top two – ew!] and it looks a little more like this:


Spot the two chunks of bread with the dotted line in between them. If you’re on WordPress, that is what the ‘Read More’ button does and it may change your life, or at the very least your blog.

Without the ‘Read More’ sandwich incorporated into a blog post, your entire post in all its entire entirety is typically displayed on your landing page which means that if you blog as lengthily as i do, that someone has to risk CTSS [Carpal Tunnel Scroll Syndrome] simply trying to find the next piece you’ve posted.


But blog a few sentences or a paragraph and then click on the ‘Read More’ sandwich and when it comes to the front page of your blog, your readers will be able to see a number of the most recent posts you have written and choose which one they want to read. It increases the chances of people who stumble on to your blog finding a piece that is more likely to resonate with them, as opposed to having to read the latest post you wrote and hope that it connects.

i love how it cleans up the front page of my blog.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, i think i’m going to hunt me down one of those other sandwiches…