Last week, Chris from Australia @Taliesyne, joined me for my A Frikkin Hashtag Twitterer game with the Jerry Maguire inspired tagline, #YouHadMeAt:

4 Nov with tag with Chris A Frikkin Hashtag

At one point Chris’ house was being flooded by a violent storm raging outside and he comes on and is apologising for not being on the game and i’m like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW, GO SAVE YOUR HOUSE!” He did and returned to the game later when i couldn’t be around and it was a great Tag Team affair.

Turned out that Australia storm was not the only one raging as #YouHadMeAt exploded on the Twitterer and the official number of tweets the next day relating to my game was 43, 941. That’s a whole lot of tweets. Thank you to everyone who played and got your friends involved. There were some really creative suggestions. Remember that the easier and more direct way to play is to download the free app linked to @HashtagRoundup and get tweeting.

Not only did we trend at Number 1 in Americaland, but we also hit a high of number 3 in the Netherlands and number 5 in Australia. New York and Portland were more specific places that announced us trending there during the game. Sadly it seems as if South Africa was absent last week so we still have some work to do on South Africa’s Premier Hashtagging game to get people to show up… but we’re working on it.

= = = = = = = = = =

A quick few words on tomorrow’s game by way of advert which we are VERY EXCITED ABOUT. My friend Kage aka @swissmistress will be co-hosting from the second hour of the game and we have a Monty Python’d theme game which you can read more about here along with our SPAM attempts to lure some Pythons in to actually partake in the game with us – happening on the Twitter with the #CallingPython tag so we’d love it if you read that post, tag a Python in and invite them to play.


Last night Eric Idle [who, as you know is one of the Pythons] jumped in and Retweeted two of the tweets so we are hoping that is a sign that he is in the game and will submit a tweet or two of his own tomorrow. You do not want to miss that one. Yes, you do. No, you don’t!

= = = = = = = = = =

Back to #YouHadMeAt which was such a great hashtag, because every time someone forgot some capitalisation, the tag changed as i made obvious with my 4th tweet in the game:

#YouHadMeat but now all you have is vegetables… #ThinkThatTheAWasMeantToBeCappedThere

And many people took advantage of the slip to create some quite funny posts.

With 40 thousand plus tweets it is unlikely that i saw them all, let alone picked out the best ten and so this list is more of an indication of some of the tweets i did see that jumped out and caught my eye… in other words, you had me at:


As i mentioned, @Taliesyne was an absolute legend co-host and besides favouriting and retweeting all of your great family-friendly suggestions, he also came up with a whole bunch of his own, including this heart-strings one:

With 451 Retweets and 512 Favourites, our clear most popular tweet came

via @DuncanWhitehead with the incentive of money clearly drawing people in:

Probably my all-time favourite tweet of the game came from Sean with:

But i have to admit the misdirection contained in this gem

from Harley was an absolute winner:

Mukund wins the prize for most unexpected tweet with:

While Tony came very close to Sean in term’s of quick,

clever and fun with the equally great:

A BlackAdder reference [at least that’s how i took it] from Chris got him points:

While Trevor also scored brain points with the clever picture ominously

backing up what seemed like a good suggestion:

Shanna scored some Unexpected points with this DIY street-vending

entrepreneur with a YouHadMeAt and YouHadMeat rolled into one:

While Nicole took it to the serious with this winner:

It’s like Edward knew as he prefaced this week’s game with

a classical Monty Python reference:

Whereas other references from a few of my favourite things got this group points:

#YouHadMeAt Hello Sweetie

— HRH Elentari (@HRH_Elentari) November 5, 2015

#YouHadMeAt Don’t blink

— lantenengo (@lantenengo) November 4, 2015

#YouHadMeAt Falcon

— MyVogonPoetry (@MyVogonPoetry) November 4, 2015

And then to finish off, a bit of a hodge podge mix of other tweets

that made me SIM [Smile Inside Moderately]:

Bringing us full circle back with Tim to this guy:

THANK YOU and WELL DONE of course to everyone who played, but if you made the FISH LIST OF PRIZEWORTHYNESS just remember that the prize itself is in just being nominated, or something like that.

[For the Python inspired game #ThisParrotIsntDeadIts, click here]