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It’s the beginning of a new week and if you’re not careful, and a little bit intentional, before you know it it can suddenly be Friday and the week will have snuck by like just another week. i wanted to do my little bit to hopefully help you stop that from happening by suggesting five very different ways you can be intentional about make this a week of Significance. Don’t try and do all five, but maybe there is one or two of these that jump out at you as something you can plan to do this week to make it a better one than if you had just breezed through on Autopilot: Continue reading

With thanks to Nick Frost aka @Nick_Frost for this pic

With thanks to Nick Frost aka @Nick_Frost for this pic

Dear Church in South Africa,

i am not known for my brevity, but let me give this a try.

Firstly, i hope you know just how much i love you. Continue reading

Nick Frost pic

Picture made by Nick Frost and used without all of his permission, yet.

i only have a few minutes to write this before i have to go out to do a talk [which has been much affected by this week’s events] so this will not be as meaty as it could be, but i wanted to get something out.

The last few days have been kindova blur – i have written and shared and experienced much and only been able to post a fraction of it – if you’re on the Facebook then a lot of extra articles and shares got posted on my blog page over here.

On this blog i managed to get four posts out, which are still worth a read if you missed any of them: Continue reading

They often say that during a crisis, to know who your true friends are, just look left and right. Actually i don’t know if they do say that, i just came up with it but i’m pretty sure if i try and claim it some dead guy is going to come forward and say, “Um actually Brett Fish, that one is mine.” Like that whole “I have a dream” debacle. Okay not quite, but still.

To Know Who Your True Friends Are, Just Look Left and Right

Continue reading


i did my best to compile some helpful resources linked to the #FeesMustFall movement in this post i did ‘From a Number of Different Eyes and Mouths’ and this second post which shared more thoughts as well as first-hand experiences of others. But i knew that to really get a feel for what was happening and to be a more active part of it, we needed to get on the ground and so we did that today for 5 and a half hours.

My Facebook status after i got home read like this: Continue reading

Continuing from yesterday’s post highlighting some very helpful thinking when it comes to this #FeesMustFall movement, i just wanted to share some other helpful [and harrowing] posts from yesterday to help people find a bunch of useful stuff in one space. If you find this helpful at all then please share it and tag the people you think need to read this.

The biggest problem i have witnessed in so many white people is the rush to defend and explain and justify and the refusal to simply listen first and hear the issues and the stories and see the people involved as people – If you’re not prepared to listen then this post is going to be meaningless, but if you at least are curious as to why what is happening is going on then start by simply LISTENING and engaging before you prepare a response or a rebuttal or a statistic sheet. Just really try and honestly hear what is being shared through stories and actions here: Continue reading

The last two days have been a blur of action and comment and conversation and reporting and trying to figure out exactly what is what and who is who in the whole South African #FeesMustFall movement. It is complicated and tricky and confusing and yet SO SO IMPORTANT and so it is up to each one of us to do the best we can in terms of figuring out our understanding and our involvement. Here are just a few hopefully helpful things out of many to get us closer to that: Continue reading

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