i am lucky

because your english tongue finds itself unable

to navigate it’s awkward self

around the intricacies of my given name

 = = =

i am patience

because you are impatient

with the repetition that is needed

for you to master my moniker

and so instead you choose your own

one that works for you

 = = =

i am working in your house filled with wonder

you wondering whether or not

i fill my pockets and my purse with your sugar

when i leave for home at night

while i simply wonder

if my children made it to school safely

and will they be alive to greet me

when i finally make it home

 = = =

i am listening to you

telling me to be quiet

because my anger at this symbol

that means nothing of note to you

is causing you to feel uncomfortable

and can’t we all just go back

to watching sport

 = = =

i am the ironical ridiculousness

of these letters being put here

by such pale fingers

as to think they have any right to speak my words

as if just hoping that place of privilege

they are brought from

might get them in front of the eyes

they wouldn’t have

if i had truly written them

[For my friend Avuyile’s response in poetic form, click here]