My friend Avuyile, wrote a response to my poem, ‘i not me’, that i posted earlier today and i felt that it deserved it’s own space here on the blog and Avuyile gave me permission. i hope each one of us will take time to really listen to these words…Avuyile

I am meek, for in my meekness I am forced to tolerate you imposing your ideas into my system.

I suffer in silence for my cries echo an uncomfortable feeling on your back side thus the words “move away from the past”.
I die daily at your sight, a sight that not invokes feelings of hatred rather anger and resentment for you have for a long time disregarded my humanity and my ideas.
I have sacrificed so much for your benefit yet still my efforts and my energy seem to have gone down the drain. How long should I continue in this vain? For in my sanity you regard me as insane. Take a moment to listen to my heart beat, feel the motion, it is a motion of sorrow, a motion of pain of the many sufferings I have endured at your hands.

To see your gay abandon each day awakes feelings of disdain, for it is the utter carelessness and ignorance to my hunger and my yearning. The very desire to live and pursue what makes me who I am, the many things I have missed out on my kids, wife, cousin, and my community.
I am forced into servitude not with a whip rather the brutal wrenching of my dignity.

For what is humanity when the comfort of my entire is subjected to such treacherous conditions? For the very I have is quenched and muffled under huge promises of lies and deceit, covered with a broad smile yet soul still yearns for freedom and my heart still heavily bleeds. We preach equality and justice yet the very justice is a “thorn” in your side while for many it is a luxury they can only dream about.

For I am faced with so many adversities that I come to the conclusion that there ain’t no place for me in society for my cries for justice constitute discomfort for those who have benefited from decades and decades of marginalization and the demeaning of my entire existence.
The winds of change are blowing, the storm of justice is well under way…….

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