i was going to link to this blog by my Myspace friend [it turns out, is that even a thing – What good ever came out of Myspace indeed?] Melanie Carstens who attended the book launch last night but instead thought it was worthy of a reblog… this is so great!

Tangled Pretzel

Last night I went to my first book launch. I managed to throw it quite far. I like that one. But, silly joke aside. No, it was not the launch of my first book, but the first time I have attended the launch of someone else’s book. Just so that we’re clear on the details.

Despite the content being quite timely for me, the venue was also on the way home from work. “Schweet!”, I thought, when I saw the invite on Facebook, “Let’s go!”

I arrived a bit early, and the author greeted me, and we both tried to figure out our connection beyond Facebook. So, last night when I got home, I gave my mind a good scrubbing and realised. It was on Myspace that I saw my first Brett “Fish” Anderson post. Can’t remember how or when it happened exactly (but could speculate over a glass of…

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