Yesterday was book launch number two in Cape Town and we had it at the Warehouse in Wetton where tbV offices for most of her week and a place doing incredible work in terms of connection and challenge and resourcing and more [and known for being filled with some of the most incredible people].

While it was a completely different vibe and flavour from Thursday night, it was also an amazing time of mingling, conversation, challenge, question and communion together. With a smaller group than Thursday there was a little more time to connect with more people and Arthur Stewart, the MC for the morning, did a fantastic job of inviting people to take part in communion at one of the five stations we had set up ranging from traditional to hot chocolate and marshmallows, coffee and cake, and milk and marie biscuits.

Here are some pics taken by Howie the Fyvster which capture some of the heart and the vibe of the occasion… Thankx to everyone who came and support and chatted and bought some books and churched with us… so much of appreciation…

Altho with Howard at the wheel, or shutter clicker or something, you know things are likely to get a little bit out of hand at some point. And they did in the most silliest of ways… First Christian Book launch chest signing ever?

[To see and hear how the third and final Cape Town launch went down, click here]