This is an interesting clip that tbV showed me, by orthodox priest, Steve Robinson, attempting to show the difference between a Protestant and an Orthodox view of salvation. It is only 9 minutes long and really worth a quick watch:

For me, it feels like a tasty snack.

While i don’t think it gives much clarity to some of the harder questions in terms of the orthodox view [what happens to people who reject God and turn their back on Him? Or is he suggesting that everyone ‘makes it’ in the end? Because i think too many of the teachings of Jesus Himself stand in contradiction to that idea] there is one thing i really liked about this video.

The part where Steve places the God chair in front of the messed up human chair [through the stories of the woman caught in sin and the paralysed man etc] time and time again.

Mankind is messed up and broken and in need of help and that is where God shows up. When a person turns their back on God, God moves towards them and continues to pursue with love, forgiveness and life. That is the powerful heart of this video for me.

i’m not convinced that is a specifically orthodox view, because i don’t think i’m particularly orthodox and yet that is completely how i view God. Showing up in the places and situation where He is most needed. Often through the presence of other people. But also simply as Himself. Yes, we believe that God is everywhere, but all throughout Scripture we read time and time again of instances where ‘God showed up!’

So while i don’t think the clip is necessarily all-answering or even the most accurate depiction of the difference between orthodox and protestant [too many labels!], that part for me was a really good description of the incarnation – God being present.

What about you? What did you get from this video? 

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