A week or so ago, Jody, who plays goalkeeper for my hockey team, was fixing up the alarm system in my mate Duncan’s house where tbV and i have been living [as field hockey goalkeepers are wont to do].

i have no idea how it happened but somehow we got started talking and Jody quickly gets really excited about this dude, Stephen Lungu, who i’ve never heard of, telling me i HAVE to find him on the You Tube and listen to his testimony cos it’s incredible and will change my life. i told him i would try find it [not being a huge track down sermon on the You Tube and listen to it kind of guy], and somehow actually did [i panic’d!].

i scoured the You Tube and pretty quickly came up with a testimony from Stephen Lungu that was 66 minutes and 11 seconds long and i thought to myself, ‘That is never going to happen!’

So i looked around a little bit more and found one that was a lot more manageable at 27 minutes and 58 seconds. But still no.

Eventually i found a 9 minute, 37 second clip and thought God must be smiling on me and so i gave it a watch. And immediately shared it on Facebook cos it was pretty incredible. [Having said that, i just got caught into the 27 minute one and am listening in the background – powerful stuff].

Having watched the clip, i asked the people of Facebook if anyone had the book, ‘Out of the Black Shadows’ which is the story of the amazing transformation of Stephen Lungu, and fortunately a different mate called Duncan volunteered his copy which i have just finished reading. And it really is such a hectic and powerful story of God pulling someone out of a horrendous life situation and putting them on a different path.

Whether you believe in God or not, take a watch of the short version of this story and be inspired:

[For a story from Stephen’s life illustrating the power of a 30 year old answered prayer, click here]