i hate white people!

i know, i know,  i could barely believe it myself when i found out, but having heard so many people suggest it on my blog the past week or two [some in comments i chose not to print due to their not-fit-to-be-read-by-other-humans content] it really must be true.

It started when i started suggesting that i don’t think white people are better than black people [if i had a dollar for every email pointing me towards either inventions or I.Q. test results as proof of why white people are clearly better, i’d have dollars – strangely they never cite the electric chair, nuclear bombs or Adolph Hitler in their ‘white people are better’ speeches]

It became more glaringly obvious when i suggested the phenomena of ‘White Privilege’ was an actual thing, because clearly nothing says, ‘I hate white people!’ than the suggestion that we might for the most part be at a bit of an advantage starting off in this country simply because we are white…

In case you don’t believe me, here are some of the thoughts of visitors that i have been able to publish from this last week as parts of comments on my blog:

Listen here dimwit. I am sick to death of being told that because I am white I am privileged, [Tony]

Do you sell drugs to earn a living? How do you afford tablets, TV, car travelling to the USA? Going to shows, cricket, and so on? Or are you a trustfund kid? Please do tell oh enlightened one how you can afford this lifestyle of lazing about, writing nonsense and hate speech against whites, watching cricket all day and generally living like a teenager at your parents house.[Melanie]

Who pays you for all this lazing about, talking about how bad whites are and how they must bend for blacks…? [Melanie]

Lets hope that if we do somehow survive this, that never ever ever again will we share this land, never ever ever again show any form of mercy to these savages, shoot all on the spot or if not we can simply repeat this exercise [Francois Du Toit]

Francois does have a bit of a point there. i really don’t believe that someone who refers to black people as ‘savages’ should ever be allowed to share land with them and the sooner you head off to another country on another continent, the better for us all, sir.

black white

Well, i have a bit of a secret to share. i actually do like white people. Heck, some of my best friends are white.

i don’t want anyone to apologise for being white.

i don’t want anyone to be going on about how bad white people are.

i certainly do not encourage hate speech against white people.

However, at the same time, i have a bit of another secret to share. I kinda like black people. Heck, some of my best new friends in recent times have been black.

i don’t want anyone to apologise for being black.

i don’t want anyone to be going on about how bad black people are.

i certainly do not encourage hate speech against black people.


This blog, among other things, is going to be a space where time and energy is given to seeing how we as people of different colours and cultures [and i include all of those who don’t merely fall into black or white here] can work together to create a unified, transformed society where the majority of people can live in freedom with balance in terms of the opportunities they have.

If you don’t like the idea of that, then my suggestion would be to you, to go somewhere else. This is my blog which means i get to choose what happens here and what doesn’t. You are under no obligation to spend any time here. i am certainly under no compulsion to give your racist and hateful words and ideas and airtime. If you don’t like what happens here, why do you keep on coming back?

If, however, you want to disagree with me [or ideas being shared here] and challenge what is being spoken about, or share a different opinion and have the means to be able to do that respectfully to all involved then be my absolute guest. This is a wrestling ground where we will search for truth, life and hope together. i certainly don’t know all the answers and feel like i’m fumbling my way towards them at the best of times. We need to see a whole lot more people engaging here and trying to work out the next step forward with us. So bring your friends. Be chatting about these things over dinner tables. Be inspiring and hope-giving and full of life.

Tony, Melanie, Francois, Jacques and others who have visited here and posted words that have felt mean, unhelpful and at times hate-filled… this door will always be open to you – the stage won’t be and until you can change your tone you won’t be getting as much access to the mic. as some others might. But we would love for you to invest and engage and be open to ideas outside of your own, to leave the fear at the door and start listening to some stories from people who are different to you. And consider the possibility of joining hands with them to help create a united future for us all.

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[For a simple but helpful visual illustration of what is meant by the term ‘white privielege’, click here]