Yesterday was just a half day in the caveToday was meant to be a full day, but i am having an early morning breakfast with the staff of Westville Baptist who are pretty much all friends of mine so that feels like a pleasant interruption to the day. And then later i do have an airport trip to make which will end with me having access to the hired car which is great for tomorrow when i move from Cave 1 to Cave 2…


The purpose of the cave time is to be focusing on the book finishing up. Which is meant to be about unplugging and disconnecting and removing all distractions. So free wifi access in the cave bedroom is a carrot to the donkey within me inviting me to catch up on missed You Tube videos and interesting links and connections with people. But today i need to put my head down and be all about the book. And use creative gaps well to keep me fresh and engaged and focused on the work at hand.

This evening the reward is getting to hang with my good friends Mike and Nancy. Mike is one of the two guys who helped install my dreads three years ago and Nancy one of my ex youth girl twins from many moons ago as well. There will be laughter and silliness and deep conversation and at least once Mike declaring something, me agreeing with him and then him arguing the absolute opposite for the next half hour. [And possibly some chocolate liqueur in the form of Nachtmusiek]

i got what i wanted to achieve done in yesterday’s cave time. Today is a much bigger overall togetherness of the book kind of vibe. Got a bit of a head start on it before i went to bed last night so that feels good. Less specific direction and more overall feel today so we’ll see how that goes.

To breakfast… and then to the cave…