So in these two most recent Pearls before Swine cartoons, we get a great glimpse of the character of the two main, um, characters, namely Rat and Pig.

Rat being the cynical, mean, vindictive one, i find that i identify with him way too often, and when i notice that i do, i usually have to do some kind of changing of my ways… although sometimes i wish i was this forward:

Pearls before Boredom

Whereas Pig on the other hand is innocent, genuine, loving and real and when i identify with him at all, it is usually something to embrace… although i often wish i was this much others-focused:

PearlsBeforeSuccessi know some people who are really great at cheering other people on and enjoying their success and i think at times i am that person, but not so much when it means i have missed out on success. in game-playing for example, i am uberly competitive and so something i have been working on and need to work on for a long time has been being able to cheer someone else’s success when they have beaten me in a game.

my friend Bruce Olsen, back in Oakland in Americaland, was that person – host us, feed us so well and then just delight in playing an evening of games with friends – for me it is too often about needing the win [apparently it proves something in my brain or something] – i learnt so much watching him, and there are countless others.

my friend Linda Martindale comes to mind in life in general in terms of being such a great cheerleader of other peoples’ projects and success and just themselves – she really takes great joy in people and i am so privileged to have her as a friend and hope to learn more of how she is who she is [and has been ever since i have known her]

So how about you? Are you more a Rat? Or a Pig? Or do you also find evidence of both in your life?

And who is someone you know [name them!] who embodies Pig in the second cartoon and is a cheerer on of other people with no or not much thought of themselves?

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