It’s hard for me to admit this, and I have a close circle of friends who understand me and the experience I’ve had as a mother. I’m so grateful for these friends because being a mom has not been the most natural thing for me.

My daughter is 2 years old and is a light in my life. However, no one could have prepared me for the journey of motherhood.

There is so much judgment that surrounds a mom- every decision you make is scrutinized and dissected and its honestly not fair.

Yes, I didn’t breastfeed past 6 weeks because I chose to stop, yes I chose to send my baby to creche at 4 months old because I had to work, yes I give her hidings and sometimes I can’t wait til she goes to sleep over by her granny so I can sleep past 5 for just one day.

I make decisions every day, big and small, and there are times when your judgmental glances and comments don’t bother me.

But there are times when they hurt terribly.

All I ask is the next time you comment because my 2 year old isn’t wearing shoes just think that maybe I’m teaching her a lesson in that somehow, or maybe I’ve decided that I’m tired and I’m picking my battles today- putting shoes on a 2 year old is not the one I’m dealing with today. So all in all I ask, be kind to mommies too – sometimes we’re so busy looking after others that we need a kind word or even just a smile.

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