a friend of mine sent me an email with a post titled ‘To be a Mom’ in it.

i’m not sure why she sent it – i can’t remember if it was part of something i had asked her to write or if she had just decided this was something needing to be written and had sent it to me.

what it did though was spark something inside of me: What if i gave that out as a framework to a bunch of my friends – all they get is ‘To be a Mom’ and then write a post on however that inspires, informs or directs them? – a brilliant idea, and if only i could claim it as my own.

What would you write, if the only thing you were given was the words, ‘To Be A Mom’?

Here are the stories that were shared with us as a result:

Not Your Typical Fairytale beginning – Bek Curtis

It Means All These Different Things – Candice Fourie

Intersection of Momness, Wifeness and Professionalness – Meet Lauren McGill

Be slow to judge – Meet Mandy Lea Friedrichs

Not sure I want to be a mom right now – Lily Dunn

From someone without her own biological children – Tshego Motiang

For a different flavour, check out these ‘To Be A Dad’ posts, starting with this one from John ‘Zippy’ Benn