So i have spent the last two days in particular reading a WHOLE LOT OF POSTS on aspects of White Privilege and Race and in particular posts related to the Ferguson incidents in Americaland.

This has been the most research i have done into any topic for a long time and i am not sure ‘enjoyed’ is the right word but ‘appreciated’ definitely. In fact, it has NOT been easy reading but so so necessary and i just wish all my white friends in particular would make the time to take some of these in.

A lot of the research was because i have been wanting to write a piece on White Privilege for a while now, which i finally got around to over here. People are reading it and more importantly SHARING it around and i am hoping that more people will ENGAGE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION and help make this into a conversation.

As i started reading some really amazing posts i realised i needed to share some of them and so i stuck a whole lot of them over here. It is incredible how some of the posts can have such a different angle or perspective and yet be so valuable. From using analogies like riding a bicycle on streets designed for cars, to writing from the perspective of being a parent of either white children or black children, to many more i was being challenged and encouraged and shaken in so many different ways.

And as i sat down to work through a few more today i realised [after adding a post to yesterday’s list] that there were just too many good conversations to lump them all into one email as they are going to no doubt get lost. But THESE ARE SUCH IMPORTANT THINGS and so, if even just for one day, please put down your five minute attention span tendencies and really spend some time digging into these things. IF YOU ARE  A WHITE PERSON, these are things you need to know. You might not feel like they are necessary or important or even relevant, and if that is the case then you more than others really need to GYHOOYA [Get Your Head Out Of Your… Yes!] and start paying attention. This is for you and it is about you. You need to listen up. MY friends of colour – these posts are not news for you, but i can also use your help in writing some others to share these things from your perspective [brettfish@hotmail.com]

So here are a few more that i REALLY feel are worth reading, and while the events may be specifically focuses on Americaland because of the whole Ferguson incident, they are very much relevant to conversations that need to be taking place right here in South Africa.

Austin Channing Brown wrote what was probably the hardest piece i have read because of how much truth it contains and how sad and ashamed that makes me of white people and the church in so many ways, in this piece titled ‘Black Bodies White Souls’

Sarah Bessey who is a Canadian write whose work i generally really admire, held her breath and her voice and waited and watched and then eventually couldn’t any more and wrote this piece titled, ‘In which I have a few things to tell you about #Ferguson’, which was one of the pieces i read which affected me the most emotionally. And is much needed.

This piece by Rev. Erica Liu which is part of a preach on Romans 16 took the whole conversation from a completely different angle and related it to the ‘Road to Emmaus’ conversation of an unrecognised Jesus talking to two followers and turns the whole thing on its head. ‘What Romans 16 has to do with Ferguson, MO – Listening to the Voices of the Stranger’ is a brilliant offering in that it goes beyond the incident at hand and invites us to be aware of who we invite to sit and speak at our tables.

And lastly, this powerful and informative piece, ‘Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person’ by Gina Crosley-Corcoran, helps dig a little deeper in terms of challenging the myth that this is simply an economic issue.

You would do well to read and pay attention to any one of those.

You would do even better to really put some time aside and work your way through all of them, share them with your friends and start some conversations on your thoughts and what kind of action they might lead you to do.

So much great writing by so many incredible people on a topic that is hard and should be affecting so many more of us than it has.

It will be so great when ‘Race’ as a topic can be removed from the Taboo Topics section on my blog, but it has become painfully obvious that it deserves to rest there for the moment.

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