i think most people know my feelings about raiSINs [the face that the word ‘sin’ appears in the word ‘raiSIN’ is a clue!].

in fact i may have even blogged about it once or twice, such as over here, which includes links to the two raiSIN songs i wrote and recorded [yes, i wrote songs about my passion against raiSINs].

even my alter ego, Brad Fish, had something to say about them. two things in fact. which you can watch over here.

and so when it comes to raiSIN cartoons i typically would lean more towards my main man Garfield in feeling:

Garfield raisinsbut you will also know by now what a big fan i am of Pearls before Swine and so even thought i don’t endorse this message, i do have to appreciate it:

Pearls before RaiSINs

well played, Pastis, well played…

[for more of my favourite Pearls strips, click here]