i just watched this TED talk by a woman called Mellody Hobson on the introduction of a topic she called ‘Colour Braveness’

While the focus of the clip is very much from a ‘The American Dream’ point of view, and so doesn’t necessarily have the end point i would focus on [become a CEO of a company!] there are some interesting and helpful points she raises and so it is well worth a viewing…

Some lines that stood out for me were the following:

“Surround yourself with people don’t look look like you, who don’t think like you, who don’t act like you and who don’t come from where you come from” – this is such a powerful idea and i have been inspired over the last year in particular to seek out writers and speakers who are quite different from me [race, culture, background] so as to hear a different voice from the majority of voices i might have heard growing up [typically white male] not because there is anything wrong with white male voices, but definitely because there is a richness that comes from being informed by a variety of sources and influences. “They will challenge your assumptions and help you grow as a person.”

Mellody finished off by challenging the audience to be brave, colour brave, “so that every child knows that their future matters and their dreams are possible.”



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