I started out by inviting a bunch of my Single Friends to share some thoughts they really wanted their Married Friends to hear, consider, think about and respond to and some really great posts came out of that, which you can read over here.

When someone gets married, the dynamic between them and their single friends always changes, sometimes more than others. especially when it is the friendship between a guy and a girl [yes, those platonic ones can and do exist].

Often the dynamic gets a little weird. the married person is trying to figure out how much time they can spend with the single person while still honouring their marriage and partner and the single person is trying not to intrude on the marriage but still wanting to be friends. Yet, this is seldom something anyone ever talks about – people just try and figure it out and sometimes friendships are damaged and even destroyed completely.

Sometimes there is hurt. Sometimes there is awkwardness. Sometimes there is confusion. Often there are words that need to be said or advice to be given and maybe it doesn’t always feel like there is a good opportunity to say those things to those who need to hear.

In giving the singles an opportunity to share some of the things they might be feeling or possibly some questions they have, I thought it might be helpful to try and create a platform to help them be really honest and open and real and just share some thoughts and ideas they have for their single friends and maybe just single people in general.

If you are a married person reading these and feel like you have something to add, please drop me a line.

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