i wasn’t originally thinking of this as a Taboo Topic topic.

but then when i started looking on the book of faces for people to write for me and had friends using terms like ‘can of worms’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ to describe what i was suggesting, it made me wonder if that is not exactly where it needs to go.

is no one speaking about this?

having lived in Americaland for the last three years [in diverse and mixed culture neighborhoods, more so than ever back home i think] and been somewhat aware of some of the bigger questions of race over here in terms of issues such as mass incarceration, stand your ground, the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and more this feels like it is as relevant over here as it is back home.

being a white, heterosexual, able-bodied, right-handed, male i pretty much fit into every box of privilege possible [except perhaps for my dreads, they help me lose a little ground, thank you dreads] but we can’t deal with them all here so let’s start with white and we can move on from there.

i certainly did not start apartheid or have anything directly to do with enforcing it, but i certainly benefited from it [while also losing so much because of it in the greater scheme of things] and as much as i’d just like the idea of that to be over or dealt with or forgotten so that we can “just move on people”, i don’t believe that is the solution. all of us need to truly own our past so that together we can walk more strongly [and hopefully more united…ly?] into our collective future.

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