DAY 33

Easter is arriving at a pace of knots and so really be mindful in the next ten days or more to create spaces to slow down, to meditate, to just be, to look back and remember, to ingest some scripture, to speak some prayers, to love on those around you… slow it down…

Task: In the next 24 hours, buy or make someone a gift, just because.

Maybe there is someone in your life who is having a rough day… maybe it’s a person on the side of the road who looks hungry and you choose to buy them a meal and eat it with them [don’t you DARE do all that and then leave without knowing their name]… maybe it’s just an encouragement to someone who works really hard in some area and maybe remains largely unappreciated.

Something made or put together [or even baked – go on, i dare you!] is often appreciated that little bit more than something bought, but if your time is short that may be the way to go.

The idea is to demonstrate some love, or understanding, appreciation or gratitude. All of these are things that will in some way be tied up in the story of the cross as we head closer and closer towards it.


Enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face.

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