i was sitting innocently in our church, Re:Generation, evening service last nite, when suddenly a shot rang out…

it wasn’t fired from a gun. but it still felt like it hit me between the eyes. and there was nothing i could do about it.

a woman called Andrea, from an organisation called ‘Disarm the Dark’ was invited to share a little about the work she is doing in anti-trafficking.

one line she said really just blew me away:

‘While you can sell guns and drugs once, you can sell a person many times.’ [Andrea, Disarm the Dark]



That is why it is so lucrative – you sell a gun once and it’s gone. Drugs you still have to replenish. But a person? You just keep selling them over and over again.

Human trafficking is something that really moves me but which I feel so completely powerless about and so I get really excited when I meet people like Andrea or when someone like Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary [she’s not!] gets really practical about getting involved.

I do think the majority of people probably live without the real belief or understanding that this is actually going on or to what extent, and so the very smallest thing I can do is at least blow my little whistle and highlight groups such as Disarm the Dark and Not For Sale but it still completely feels like not enough. 

I feel completely overwhelmed by it all and hope that one day I will have something significant to offer the fight.

At the same time, it is not something i feel directly called into, which can be hard sometimes, but am definitely passionate about.

So i will keep my ears to the ground and hopefully continue to sound the alarm and cheer on those who are doing such incredible work and trust that this form of slavery is something we can end in our lifetime and for all those lives that follow.