don’t talk.

don’t challenge.

whatever you do, don’t try to get me to think…


just nod,


pat me on the back,

enthusiastically high five me as we pass each other,

to validate this current choice i’m making

‘like’ my current status

retweet my popular point of view

please don’t dare to hold my latest hypocracy up to the light

or unravel the threads of my present inconsistency


after all,

when did what i believe

ever have to stand anywhere near what i do?

surely that kind of behaviour

is for far lesser folks than i?


give me your cheers,

your applause

or at least your salutations

don’t drop your eyes

or sigh

as you pass me by

on this cyber highway

or the same passageway we might find ourselves on together




even praise or agree with your muted silence

but please don’t take me on

or you will instantly become ‘the judgemental one’

while i sit back in my satisfied smugness

and continue to work at

shining the ever so smooth stone in my hand

as i wait for the next innocent body

who might possibly question

anything i hold dear