DAY 14ish

Task: Today is a simple but profound one. Intentionally show gratitude to someone for something you tend to take for granted.


I know we have looked at Gratitude already in this series, but i really want to take it a step deeper and for us to really look for someone in our day who does something for us and probably does not get thanked or appreciated or maybe even noticed.

Imagine if we could turn sad cashier [top] into happy cashier [slightly less top] simply by stopping for a second, addressing her by name, giving her thanks for the work she does and speaking a promise into her life. If you can take a moment right now to plan this intentional act and add a layer to it, even better.

Maybe it is writing a thank-you card and taking it on a shopping trip [even if you don’t need to go shopping] or baking some treat for your mailman or the guy who puts petrol in your car [if there is a guy who puts petrol in your car]. Perhaps it is a note for a teacher at school [maybe even the one you like the least] or a colleague or even your boss at work or secretary. The woman standing behind the snacks counter at the movies or the waitress who serves you your coffee. I’m not talking about simply saying , “Thank-you!” because i hope that’s a given – i am talking eye contact and name mention and a smile.


and salt, and light, and just being the bride or the body of Christ…

maybe even how we observe Lent today will help us fashion a positive habit of being like this on a more regular basis.

your little intentional moment might just make someone’s day. let’s let someone know they mean something good today. 

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